This 1973 Jeep J2000 Truck Sales Promotional Film Has Us Looking For A Dealer – 70s Greatness

This 1973 Jeep J2000 Truck Sales Promotional Film Has Us Looking For A Dealer – 70s Greatness

It is pretty hard to argue against the overt coolness of the Wagoneers and J-trucks of the early 1970s. They were really well built, intentioned to get out there into the wild, and they look great as well. This is a video that was sent to dealerships to give the sales guys a leg up on how they could best get people to sign on the dotted line and leave the lot in one of their trucks. One of the weird things is that the mighty AMC 401 is not mentioned at all in the video. The engines that the video pitches are the inline six, a 2bbl 360 and a 4bbl 360 with either a three speed stick, four speed stick, or the Turbo-Hydramatic transmission from GM. (They don’t mention that it is from GM but we’re pretty sure that when they worked out the deal to use the components from GM, they were obligated to use the Turbo-Hydramatic name whenever talking about the transmission. Do any of you hardcore AMC guys know why? Was there an engine shortage and they didn’t want to mention it? Was there questions of whether the 401 would be offered? We want our J2000 with a four speed and a 4bbl 360, thank you.

Moving on, there’s some great footage of the trucks being used to haul slide in campers, plow snow, and haul hay bales through what looks like a canyon for no apparent reason. You’ll love the parts when they talk about the luxurious interior and all of the ways they have spruced up the cab. Today’s trucks are luxo barges but even the nicest trim level on a J2000 wasn’t exactly high class living. It was for the day but not when compared to our swaddled asses of the present time.

There’s something I love about the narrow, knobby tires that 4WD trucks wore back in the day. That was a time when people went in to buy a truck understanding that they were buying a truck and not some luxury vehicle that may or may not have a bag of soccer balls thrown in the back once a week. Ok, now…where’s the nearest dealer. We want a bargain on one of these tough suckers.


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