This 1986 Chevy Van Trailer Is The Greatest Thing We Have Ever Seen – Fore Sale!

This 1986 Chevy Van Trailer Is The Greatest Thing We Have Ever Seen – Fore Sale!

This literally tops them all. I’m still trying to pull my jaw back up off the desk after opening the email I got from Jack Flagel introducing me to the best thing I have ever seen in the form of this 1986 Chevy van trailer. As simply as can be explained, someone took a 1986 Chevy van, lopped a massive chunk out of the middle, welded it back up and put a tongue on it. For carrying purposes there’s a bunch of space in there, your stuff is protected from the elements and the only real risk is being smashed into by people snapping cell phone photos as you go down the road. Wow this thing is good!

Adding to the coolness, the front axle raises and lowers so you can put the front tires on the ground when parked to take some of the load off of the truck and completely blow the minds of everyone at the swap meet or wherever you are. Look at this creation, it is beyond awesome! The van trailer is for sale on Louisville Craigslist for $1,700 and I’m going to be honest. For the amount of time in cutting, welding, and finishing this 1986 Chevy van trailer off, that seems like really good money. I might paint it if it were in my possession but other than that, I’d not mess with a thing.

I keep looking at it like a Zinger or something because it has that awesome cartoony creation look and it so close to being bad but isn’t I can’t explain. The guy who did this really has a handle on proportions because if it were a foot or two longer or even tighter in the length department it would be too weird to be cool. This however is absolute flipping perfection. Because this thing may sell quick, I am putting the text of the ad below.

Here’s the text of the CL ad –

86 Custom made enclosed trailer, full size van cut down and welded back together, good looking body work, front wheels crank up and down for stability while parked, floor space about the same as a long bed pick up, doors open, has no seats, no steering wheel, would make great advertising vehicle, camper, hauler, gets a whole lot of attention. There’s a couple thousand dollars of labor involved in cutting in half and welding back together. Robin 812 455 fourteen 02 No calls after 8pm. Thanks, calls only no E-mails



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8 thoughts on “This 1986 Chevy Van Trailer Is The Greatest Thing We Have Ever Seen – Fore Sale!

  1. Don Fitzgerald

    That’s KOOL I don’t care who you are. Maybe need a Port Hole window on each side. Give it a paint job or better yet a wrap.

  2. `Andy

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who wants to put powertrain in this and wheelie the heck out of it.

  3. JD

    As cool as it is as a trailer I’m with Andy, I would totally put an engine and trans back in it and drive it!!! I think wheelie bars would be a must.

  4. Steve Skouson

    “A Team”ing won’t work. BA’s van was a GMC. You’d need to (GASP) remove the “Bowtie!” (And, that is about all.) Yes, I was a BIG fan of the A Team.

    “I Love it when a plan comes together!”

    Seriously, this is an AWESOME looking rig.

    Brian, “for sale.” Unless you’re golfing. (Fore.)


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