This 1989 Pontiac Firebird Zombie Response Team Trar Is A Big Block Powered Winner

This 1989 Pontiac Firebird Zombie Response Team Trar Is A Big Block Powered Winner

I know you people out there in readerland (is there anything worse than “you people”?) must think that I sit around and seek trars in all of their glorious forms all over the internet. I’ll have you know that I do NOT do that…you do, and sometimes they even find me. Example, Rich Hintze is the guy who sent in the link to the car we’re going to be talking about below, so I am off the hook for that one. Also, when Bonneville rained out I hopped a ride to Salt Lake City with Hot Rod Magazine’s Brandan Gillogly as he was heading in that direction. During a normal conversation I randomly started yelling out TRAR! TRAR! as a humogo second generation Firebird cam zipping past us on the other side of the highway. Brandan nearly pulled over and kicked me out. That leads to today’s Trar find in the form of this third generation Firebird.

This creation is both very similar and very different to other Trars we have shown in the past. The same because it uses a Chevy K5 Blazer frame as its base. Different as it has a tunnel rammed big block for power, the same in that it has no front driveshaft, different in that it has side pipes, and the same in that every kid younger than the age of 12 must flock to it like fat guys to a donut festival. The tires are 39″ diameter job and from what little we can see of it, the interior looks stock. One frightening aspect of the Firebird is the entry and egress situation, especially getting around those side pipes without suffering a third degree burn over whatever parts of your body touch it. The whole craft sits pretty high in the air so unless you are a tall person or are Jackie Chan, things could get painful.

In the event the listing gets pulled, here’s the full text of the ad:

89 firebird on a k5 blazer chassis on 39 iroc tires,454 big block, roller rockers,polished tunnel ram,big cam,side pipes with open pipes electric cut outs,electric vacuum pump, holly electric fuel pump,hurst shifter, msd ignition system,bug Cather air cleaner the four wheel drive is not hooked up never ran in the mud it’s a street cruzer that gets more looks than anything I ever had 6500.00 or will sell as a roller for 2500.00 call Eddie


bird1 bird2



CLICK HERE for the full ad listing for this 1989 Pontiac Firebird Trar

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4 thoughts on “This 1989 Pontiac Firebird Zombie Response Team Trar Is A Big Block Powered Winner

  1. Beagle

    I’d be pissed if you called my POS ZAV a Second Gen and not a Third… First paragraph, last sentence. I’m kind of a dick about technicalities, fix it and delete this. 🙂

    the pipes have to go, so does the mud catcher, and where the hell is the front drive shaft? Cute thing, about as useful as a mushed kitten in 2wd poseur mode.

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