eBay Find: This 1,100ci, All-Aluminum Ford GAF V8 Is A WWII Relic We Want To Own!

eBay Find: This 1,100ci, All-Aluminum Ford GAF V8 Is A WWII Relic We Want To Own!

We have told you about the awesome Ford GAA V8 more than once around here but we still get excited when we see them come up for sale or appear in other random dark corners of the internet. This time one has popped up for sale on eBay and it comes with the whole package, albeit  disassembled, you get all the stuff you need to put it back together after making he necessary repairs. No, the title does not have a typo in it, this is technically not a GAA V8 but rather a GAF which is an updated version of the original monster.

The GAA tank engine was originally designed for use with a dual disc clutch that transferred the power from this monster to the transmission and ultimately to the tracks of the tank. The GAF was designed to work with a torque converter as that was the drive system used on the Pershing tank. There is a slightly different intake manifold and exhaust manifold set on this engine as opposed to the GAA as well. In short, it was modified for the application it was being used in.

In case you have forgotten, these engines are 1,100ci aluminum V8s that produced 500hp and over 1,000 lb-ft of torque nearly through their entire operating range. The engines weigh 1,400lbs and are equipped with 32-valve, dual overhead cam style cylinder heads. They are a “hemi” style design with a centrally located spark plug in the combustion chamber.

These engines basically came about when Ford lost the contract to built Merlin engines to Packard. Annoyed, Henry Ford decided that he would design an engine that was more advanced and better than the Merlin and in some ways this thing is. Sure it does not produce the sheer massive horsepower but it has a lot going for it. Note in the second photo below the gear drive built into the front of the engine that sends power in multiple directions to spin everything from the magnetos to the water pumps and camshafts. Totally radical.

eBay: This GAF Ford V8 is 1,100ci of Pershing tank engine greatness – buy it!

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11 thoughts on “eBay Find: This 1,100ci, All-Aluminum Ford GAF V8 Is A WWII Relic We Want To Own!

  1. yourdudeness

    once again thank you to bangshift i things i did not know,,,,,,, about,,,,, ???? ford was truly a motor head

  2. KCR

    Years ago I drove a day and a half to a western Kansas ranch. I had bought a couple old Hemis from the rancher. He had built a pulling tractor in the 80’s with one of these engines on it. He made his own fuel injection and turbo system for it. He had 2 dozen of these engines in a barn. At that time ,around the year 2000. He wanted $2500 for one . I thought it would be killer just to have. Looking at the number this guy is asking . I made a mistake , by not buying a couple.

    1. Marco Buijs

      Do you have any idea if these engines still there? Or a name or contact?
      Greetings Marco, European tractorpuller

  3. Gary D

    Never heard of these before. I wonder what these cost the taxpayers back in the day for this war making technology. Certainly is rare.

  4. Tom P

    $24,000 is a bunch. About the mid 90’s there were two of the GAA engines at the Monroe WA swap meet. same guy with both and one was rebuilt, the other was a never used original. Could have got both for $1000 But I had no room for those huge things in my garage or any vehicle I owned. I saw both engines sitting years later at Jim Green’s shop.

  5. Philip

    Definitely not a hemi… that term refers to the hemispheric shape to the top of the pistons… learn what you are writing about,please.

    1. Des

      I thought it referred to the hemispherical shape of the combustion chamber, not the piston? I could be wrong.

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