This Big Block Square Body Suburban Is Loaded, In Nearly New Condition, And Is Probably The Nicest One Left On Earth

This Big Block Square Body Suburban Is Loaded, In Nearly New Condition, And Is Probably The Nicest One Left On Earth

You know I’m a freak for square body GM trucks, especially Crew Cabs and Suburbans, so you can imagine just how excited I was when I saw this one that our buddy Boris has for sale. This damn thing is mint beyond mint. Like crazy nice, and clean like none we’ve ever seen. It hasn’t been restored, but it is arguably better than if it had been completely restored. I’m in love with this sucker and would own it if I had any money, but somebody out there in BANGshift land needs to buy it and then tell us all about how awesome it is to own it. It’s a C20, two-wheel drive, 454 equipped, has buckets seats and console up front, rear air conditioning, the full top of the line Silverado trim, and more. This thing would make an amazing tow pig that’s for sure.

If it were mine I would be smart and not go full crazy on the thing, and would keep the mods to bolt on stuff. Stuff like exhaust, 4/6 lowering kit, tires and maybe wheels, and some mild window tint. This would be one rad ride when I got done with it and I would drive the hell out of the thing. Man this one is just too nice!

Here is all the info from the seller:

Big Block 2WD might be the nicest in the country. Floors, frame, engine compartment all detailed. Working AC 216-789-1647

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8 thoughts on “This Big Block Square Body Suburban Is Loaded, In Nearly New Condition, And Is Probably The Nicest One Left On Earth

  1. Bill Greenwood

    Headers/exhaust, intake, a set of roller rockers, and an overdrive for the 454. Ditto on the tint for the back door and cargo glass. Leave the ride height alone, but put a nice set of 70’s style aluminum heavy duty pick-up wheels on it, with some good tall rubber. Swap in on of those satellite-capable vintage look radios.

  2. ratpatrol66

    WOW! That is a time capsule. I don’t want to bother the guy. Give a few more details for reference please. How many miles and the price?

  3. Hugh Jacksident

    A buddy of mine in high school in the mid-80s drove his dad’s 454 Suburban that was white like this one. We used to say you’d swear you could see the fuel needle drop when we would get on the gas! Probably did get only like 8-10 mpg around town. What a beast though! Really was cool to cruise and sneak people into the drive-in with.
    Man, that was an old-timey sounding phrase, wasn’t it? Lol. Good times when gas was $.80 a gal.!

  4. Bent Valve

    We used to tow with a cherry C/20 Rat motored one in the mid 90’s. With a 26 enclosed and a 3300 # Chevy II it would get 4 Mpg on a good day. Once leaving Indy into a 30 mph head wind it barely got 3 and used a quart of trans fluid every fill up. Bought a 95 with Efi and doubled the mileage but missed the big honkin mirrors.

    Bent Valve

  5. Matt Cramer

    I used to have a red one that was significantly rougher but similarly equipped. What you couldn’t fit inside it or on the roof rack, it could tow. Ended up trading it for a ’72 C10 that was supposed to be a cool beater truck that wouldn’t need much work (but ended up with a complete drivetrain swap by the time I sold it…).

  6. Patrick

    Cool truck, but I don’t have rose colored glasses. Had a 78 3/4 ton with the 454, towed a concrete pump and my toys with it. The truck rattled horribly, mainly because the power window motors were too heavy for the door metal and literally tore the metal. The motor was a dog, the T400 made freeway speeds unbearable with a 410 diff. Great Workhorse, really don’t want to resist those times again. My 2012 F150 V8 can tow 11000 with the AC on and no problems keeping up with traffic. Fun cruiser, not practical anymore. Don’t slam it, that just looks silly.

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