Chadmouth: Why Is It That Virtually Everyone Selling Something On Facebook Is An Imbecile?

Chadmouth: Why Is It That Virtually Everyone Selling Something On Facebook Is An Imbecile?

I’ve been shopping for a Square Body Dually for the past few weeks, and have been excited by the fact that never in history has there been more available resources or outlets to explore in search of anything and everything you could ever want. Sure the standards like, ebay, Craigslist, etc are all available, but now there are a jillion different ways to list something on Facebook and all the other social media outlets. How bitchin is that?!

NOT BITCHIN AT ALL!!! is the answer you should have given. And here is why…

You know how nobody can form a sentence, spell, or behave like an actual human on ANY social media? You know how people think that dumb stuff is cool? You know how everyone on Facebook thinks that two or three words is a statement? Those imbeciles are selling stuff on Facebook and using the same writing style. It’s enough to make you scream at your computer screen. And I thought people listing things on Facebook had a hard time making sure there was good information about the item for sale, but they are practically perfect in every way compared to the lack of sense I’ve found in my Facebook searching. Have the Russians hacked the brains of anyone using Facebook? Hmmmmm

Here’s an example, that I’ll discuss without mentioning any names. This is representative of more than a dozen Facebook exchanges I’ve had via comments or Messages with regards to a particular truck. I’m going to call the seller Bob, for no reason besides it being short and descriptive of what I’d like to tell them to do.


Bob posts a single picture of a crew cab Chevy Truck and adds  “1987, TBI 454, 4 speed, runs, registered, smog equipment missing.”

Several people comment asking how much and he responds $4000.

I respond asking for more photos, information, and location of the truck.

Bob responds. “Chad, why don’t you tell me what particulars you are looking for.”

Really Bob? Really?!!!

WTF do you think I want to know?

I respond… “Bob, I’d like all the information you would want to know if you were looking at buying a truck that is NOT down the street from you where you can just go look at it?  Here’s what I would like to know Bob.  Does the truck have a clean title in your name? Is the registration valid or does it require a smog still? What smog equipment is missing? What city and state is the truck in? Does it run and drive like a normal vehicle or will it require work to drive it 500 miles or more? I would like more photos. Photos of the areas that are typically troubling on a Square Body Chevy. I would also like exterior, interior, underhood, bed, and dually fender photos, along with any damage to the truck.”

“What I’m trying to say Bob, is that I want all the information any normal person would want to know before discussing pricing or negotiating a deal on a car or truck that is halfway across the country from them.”

What I wanted to say was, “Ship the f’ing thing to me, I’ll look at it since you can’t get me the info I want, and if I like it I’ll send you money. If not, I’ll send it back. Or not you stupid ass.”

I feel like Earl Pitts, American  when ready this kind of thing and getting upset. It just makes me want to scream and laugh at the same time. I have almost no doubt that I’ll be buying something from Racing Junk, Craigslist, Ebay, or word of mouth and that Facebook listings will mostly be for my own enjoyment as I mess with people.

Come on people!!! Don’t be dumb!!!



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20 thoughts on “Chadmouth: Why Is It That Virtually Everyone Selling Something On Facebook Is An Imbecile?

  1. Andamo

    It’s too late Chad. You hear it all the time about the dumbing down of America, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. jerry z

    Chad, you think people have common sense anymore? Not.

    That is why I will never join Facebook. EVER!

  3. 75Duster

    I have better things to do with my life than to deal with Facebook. I don’t care for it or that imbecile Zuckerberg (George Soros nephew) that runs it.

  4. PJ

    My personal favourite is when people try and sell parts.
    ex. come across a large classified FB page like turbobullet parts or the like. You find a part that you may need. A flexplate, or distributor or any other part that isn\’t incredibly obvious as to what it fits from the obviously awful photo.

    FS Distributor. $200.

    Q: What does it fit? do you have a part number?
    A: its an MSD
    Q: I can see that, what engine do you remove it from?
    A: it came out of my car.
    Q: and what engine is in your car.

    At this point I\’m so annoyed I wouldn\’t have bought it regardless, guessing that shipping would be to difficult for the individual anyway.
    I\’ve run into idiots selling parts with no description of what the part fits, why its being sold, whats wrong with it (when the prices are to good to be true), and basically just setting themselves up for failure.

    Wheels are another great example.
    FS: Wheels
    No picture, no description of sizes, no bolt pattern, no offset. Its terrible.

  5. Joel

    Chad, the problem is that you are dealing with Chevy people. Now if you were to take a step up in life and inquire about a Mopar or a FOMOCO, you would always receive intelligent, thorough responses. (:

  6. Joel

    That\’s the whole Facebook mentality, Chad. Nobody explains anything. Everything is brief, incomplete and leaves me wondering what is going on. That\’s why I like message boards like BS a lot better than facebook. Besides being organized (unlike fb which is chaos), people type real sentences and real paragraphs.

  7. Race Car Alex

    If there aren’t at least 5 nice pictures, and some form of knowledgeable explanation, they’ve just lost a possible buyer. How hard is it to take 15 high quality pictures of a vehicle and post them up with even the most basic of halfway knowledgable description? If theres no pictures, Im gone. If theres no good description, im gone. If the pictures look like they were taken on a freaking potato….Im gone again! I don’t get why people are so stupid, and then to get snippy when you ask for more because they didnt post enough in the first place?!?!

  8. Singapore Hot Rod

    My wife and I both dropped off FB about three years ago. Unbelievable how much time and negative emotion was wasted on it.

    Also realized I do not need to justify my fantastic life by posting it for the world to see.

    I’ll stay in my bubble and watch the idiots go by.

  9. Randy

    Go get on Let Go app. Some.of those people cant even put a description so the site generates one. Something like Black car or grey head. And then they dont respond back.smh!

  10. Bob

    Actually, I’ve never browsed the for sale section that appears on my feed, until recently, but there’s been some good deals on there for stuff I didn’t think I needed lol

  11. Greg72

    I don’t get the people that try to sell stuff on Craigslist but actually like they are charged by the word. Same with photos. Or when they are too lazy to drive or push a vehicle out if the garage for pics. I could go on but I know preaching to the choir here.

  12. MJ

    I feel your pain, bud. Try shopping for a motorcycle on there. A lot of those dudes cant even spell \”spell\” correctly. LOL

  13. David

    I have a clean title 1988 Chevy crewcab dually 2wd black with about 150k on it. 454/400. Runs good and has brand new front tires, good brakes, brand new fuel pumps in both tanks, new switch, new front steering parts, recent alignment. It is lowered and rides really nice! Has bench seats in tan and the interior is tan. Has a k&n Airfilter, aftermarket wires and otherwise stock with all smog equipment still on the truck. New Optima battery and all the lights work!!!! Asking $5000 but for you I\’ll do $4000. Oh and I\’ll even smog it for you!!!! Will include pictures upon request!!!

  14. Papa O

    I drove 6 hours for a motorcycle that the guy didn’t have the title as he said he did. Said he would mail it to me. No thanks
    Then wanted twenty bucks for wasting his time. That’s why I always bring my large son and his big 45

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