This Is One Massive Military Wrecker: This Sucker Can Haul Anything!

This Is One Massive Military Wrecker: This Sucker Can Haul Anything!

Take a look at this one! This is an ultra rare M1089 Wrecker, aka a military tow truck. It only has 150 miles on it! Yep that is correct. It was never actually delivered to the US Military and was bought directly from the manufacturer. The main role of this 5 ton wrecker is to support US Army’s FMTV series vehicles with 4×4 and 6×6 configuration. As well as other wheeled military vehicles. The M1089 recovers damaged, immobilized, swamped, stuck, or overturned vehicles. If required, this wrecker also tows them to maintenance units. Immobilized, damaged and uncontrolled vehicles are towed semi-lifted. It can tow vehicles with a maximum weight of 25 t. That’s some serious towing power, and is matched only by the big rig tow trucks you sometimes see on the highway. But this one is meant to work off the beaten path and in remote areas. We dig it.

It isn’t cheap, that’s for sure, but if you have to have something ultra cool that you won’t hardly see anywhere else, then this one just might be the truck for you.

Here is all the info from the seller: CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL AD BY CLICKING HERE

Up for sale is a 2010 BAE M1089A1P2 late model Military wrecker. CAT C7, Alison 3700 transmission, 150 miles on the truck. Truck is equipped with tools. Crane will need servicing as the truck has been sitting since new. PTO does engage. This is a one of a kind super rare truck, NOT a surplus truck. Truck purchased directly from the manufacture 5 years ago. Selling AS IS with clean Arizona title. Buyer to arrange shipping. please contact seller for more info.

~~~$250k OBO~~~

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One thought on “This Is One Massive Military Wrecker: This Sucker Can Haul Anything!

  1. Matt Cramer

    Now you’ve got me wanting to find out just why somebody bought a brand new military wrecker and never used it. Was this on somebody’s “when I win the lottery” list and that somebody actually won? Part of a failed business plan for an off-road towing service? Had the owner been keeping it on standby in case a big construction project in a remote area went horribly wrong?

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