SEMA 2012 Featurette: A 1949 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab Built by Legacy Power Wagon of Wyoming

SEMA 2012 Featurette: A 1949 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab Built by Legacy Power Wagon of Wyoming

There’s literally dozens of vehicles here at the 2012 SEMA show that deserve coverage on the pages of BangShift and we’re planning on getting to many of them in the coming days and weeks, but this 1949 Dodge Power Wagon crew cab monster built by Legacy Power Wagon of Jackson, Wyoming will be the first. This truck is a jaw dropper in every aspect. From the monster axles to the Atlas transfer case, the four cylinder common rail Cummins diesel, and oh yeah, the hand fabricated crew cab made from pieces of three different trucks, this Power Wagon is all that is good and right with the world of hot rodding and trucks.

After we stopped weeping uncontrollably with joy after seeing the truck we latched onto one of the Legacy Power Wagon reps and starting grilling them about the beautiful wonder we had seen. To start with, Legacy has done several of these and they offer conversions in extended cab variations along with standard cab and crew cab as well. The truck sits on a stock power wagon frame for starters. That struck us as very cool. If this was simply a late model Dodge truck with cool old sheet metal on it, our joy would have been tempered greatly. According to the Legacy dude we spoke to, the stock frames on these trucks are robust enough to handle all of the upgrades with the larger axles, suspension, and greatly increased power.

The engine in the ‘Wagon is a Cummins QSB 4.5L turbocharged four cylinder diesel. This is the updated, common rail injected version of the venerable 4BT that guys have been hot rodding for some time. In stock form they make 170hp and 459 ft/lbs  of torque. According to the Legacy people this one has been touched up a little and the torque is in the 500 ft/lb range at 1400 RPM. It will blaze those huge Continental tires at will from idle because it is making tugboat twist down there! The transmission is an Allison five speed automatic so the mileage, despite the truck’s horrifying aero qualities and 8,000lb + weight is most likely stupid good. The transfer case is a legendary Atlas unit. The Atlas ‘case will be inducted into the truck parts hall of fame some day because of its reputation for survival, toughness, and durability.

The axles are Bunyon-esque pieces from Dynatrac. The front is a Dynatrac ProRock 60 and the rear is a completely awesome Dynatrac ProRock 80, which is a beefed up version of a DANA FREAKING 80. We’re talking 40-spline axles, axle tubes that are three inches plus in diameter, a ring gear that has the diameter of a large pizza, and an axle that was designed for the most severe load and torque ratings of heavy duty trucks. The housing would be a suitable shelter to survive a nuclear blast in. Long story short, it is pretty strong.

The tires are as awesome as the rest of the rig. They are Continental MPT 81 rollers which are an industrial type tire that can be found on things like Unimogs. We failed to ask what the actual height of the tires was but they look like 37-inch jobs to us. The tread is aggressive and gnarly and would be right at home slogging through the muck, crawling rocks, or fighting through the woods.

While all of the mechanicals are great, the real attention getter and the actual showpiece of this rig is the cab. Made from the pieces and sections of three different Power Wagon cabs, it is as right as rain. The craftsmanship in construction is evident simply because it looks as though Dodge could have delivered these babies right from the factory back in the day. The cab is well appointed with full gauges, nice seats, and all the modern comforts you’d expect in a truck. It isn’t a Mercedes and that’s damned fine with us because over luxo-ing this Power Wagon would have been a crime. Again, this is NOT a modern tuck wrapped in old steel. It is an old truck that has been stepped up and in fine fashion.

We’re done heaping praise on one of the coolest trucks we’ve ever seen.

Scroll down to take a photo tour of this 1949 crew cab Power Wagon built by Legacy Power Wagon of Jackson, Wyoming


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5 thoughts on “SEMA 2012 Featurette: A 1949 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab Built by Legacy Power Wagon of Wyoming

  1. threedoor

    My dad has restored a 54 PW and a 41 WC12 (the dady of the PW) Both are great trucks, killer styling and the first real modern 4X4s. But unless your 5’2″ tall and like the drive with your right foot on the trans tunnel to operate the skinny pedal they suck. Being 6’5″ this rig is beyond drool worthy.

  2. JROD

    Billet GM tilt columns and wooden Grant steering wheels have ruined too many would-be good cars. That aside, yes please.

    1. jack pine

      Reason 642 why I compulsively check Bang Shift each day. Like JROD, I can look at a beautiful truck like this and wince at the steering column and Grant wheel. BS community cred in full effect right there. My bucket list event would be to tour SEMA show with a cadre of BangShifters. Wheeling around with Chad simply isn’t enough. He knows too many people and you can’t talk with him for very long, even if we try to hide in the Food Court.

  3. tyronne whitman

    I just wanted to let you know the owner of the shop that builds these is 6’8 and fits in them very well and they can be custom made to fit any size person. So you can have your drool over machine and still fit in side and be comfortable! They have built a lot of different types for all sorts of customer, for any thing your heart needs/wants.

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