Luxury Land Bruiser: Ford Preparing The Upcoming 2022 Expedition ST – A Sported Up SUV The Size Of A House

Luxury Land Bruiser: Ford Preparing The Upcoming 2022 Expedition ST – A Sported Up SUV The Size Of A House

(By Tom Lohnes) – Do you ever wish that your 3-ton SUV with 8 seats was sportier? Well, Ford has the answer for you, and it comes in the form of the upcoming Expedition ST.

Now, there are big SUVs that look sporty but actually aren’t, like the Chevrolet Suburban RST and Mercedes GLS450 AMG-line, but this new Expedition is different. Other than the obvious bodywork changes and the red accents inside that are bound to happen, the ST is getting legitimate performance upgrades. One of them being a new tune on the 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 that is under the hood, boosting power to 450 instead of the standard 400.

There is also going to be new suspension upgrades to make the ST more road-biased, and of course the $5000 or so price bump to get a “sporty” Expedition.

Overall, this is a very interesting vehicle with some potential. This model along with the more off-road focused Timberline model also coming in 2022 might usher in a refresh the Expedition so badly needs. Until then, we’re stuck with the still good but not class-leading Expedition that is falling behind on tech since it’s 2017 debut. Would you consider an Expedition ST? It’s an odd one.

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7 thoughts on “Luxury Land Bruiser: Ford Preparing The Upcoming 2022 Expedition ST – A Sported Up SUV The Size Of A House

  1. Wes

    They really, really need to drop the Coyote into that land yacht. Maybe even with a nice 2.3L Whipple from the factory.

  2. Chuck Finley

    Good luck, Ford fans.
    Send them your deposit today……They’ll fulfill your order in 24 to 48 months.
    Ford doesn’t sell vehicles anymore, they sell reservations……Backed up with the false promises of production.
    One day, Ford might pull their heads out of their nether regions and become an automobile manufacturer again. Until then, they under serve and under produce.

    1. Patrick

      Or it could be the global chip supply problem, but that’s just common sense now. the world supply chain is jacked up at the moment

  3. Chuck Finley

    Okay, not a bad point. The Mach-e, another Ford production boondoggle, utilizes around 3000!!!! microchips. The average vehicle uses 800 to 1600 microchips. Those microchips make up roughly 40 percent of the manufacturing costs for auto makers……40 percent…..
    Imagine, if you will… auto buying populace that doesn’t NEED; bluetooth, wifi, touchscreen, multiple-stage climate control, satellite radio, touch-screen EVERYTHING, DPF’s and EGR…….
    Imagine…..using an automobile as……TRANSPORTATION. You know, something that gets you from one location to another….
    Imagine….the simplicity…..the economy…..the lack of entitlement…..THE COMMON SENSE!

    1. Chuck Finley

      Oh, and about that Global(?) chip supply problem. Why then are the impound lots so full of imported cars? I was through Brunswick, Ga. the other day and the lot where they offload cards was full. Were those cars already in transit? If so, they must have been on the ships for what? Eight, Ten, Twelve Months? The “chip shortage” has been going for over a year now.
      My bottom line is; we got the microchip laden cars we asked for. Sooner or later the bill becomes due.
      We got the cars we wanted, we get the results we deserve.


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