Ridetech Air Or Coil Over Suspension For Your 2007-2013 Chevrolet or GMC Truck Rules – Tubular Control Arms, Bolt In Four-Link, More

Ridetech Air Or Coil Over Suspension For Your 2007-2013 Chevrolet or GMC Truck Rules – Tubular Control Arms, Bolt In Four-Link, More

The GMT900 truck platform is an awesome one and like its predecessors, sold like hotcakes for years. There are millions of these trucks in the 2007-2013 time frame on the road and many of them are perfect candidates for some modifications, specially if you are looking to enhance coolness and performance. Ridetech has your suspension solution here with their air or coil over suspension systems for these trucks. Lowering the rig four inches up front and six in the back, making it turn, ride, and perform better with things like tubular control arms, a bolt-in four link and more, the customer has options when ordering their system as well.

Maybe you are looking for air that you can have push button control of. Maybe you want to roll into a show and set your truck down on its frame or at least get it in full crouch mode. Maybe you want to be a little more hands on and add things like adjustable coil overs. Not only will the truck look awesome, matched with the right wheel and tire combo, it could be a load of fun in the corners as well.

Ridetech knows trucks and this new option for GMT900 owners is impressive!

Here’s the story from Ridetech on the awesome equipment for 2007-2013 GMT900 trucks

Complete Bolt-On Systems
The Ridetech suspension system for your 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra will completely transform the way your truck rides and handles – AND make it low and cool at the same time.
Using tubular control arms in front and a bolt-on 4-link in the rear, this system starts off with significantly better geometry for cornering and acceleration control. The combination of lighter weight and highest quality bushings / joints allows the system to react freely, without binding or stiction.
Front Tubular Control Arms
Bolt-on 4-Link Rear
A smooth and light suspension lets the job of controlling the truck’s movement be controlled by the amazing Fox shocks – that you can adjust to get exactly the ride you are after.
Choose ShockWave Air Suspension or Coil-Over
  • Designed to lower vehicle approximately 4″inches in the front and 6 inches in the rear while improving handling and ride quality.
  • The front Ridetech StrongArm tubular control arms feature corrected ball joint angles for the lowered ride height, relocated double sheer shock mounts to increase travel, and the overall geometry has been altered to create more camber adjustment.
  • The front and rear suspension system reduces the suspension weight by as much as 100 pounds – a dramatic improvement in reaction and ride quality.
  • Delrin bushings with 13% Teflon are used to mount the front StrongArm tubular control arms. The Delrin reduces deflection and stiction and provide a lifetime of service-free, squeak-free, performance.
  • A larger front MuscleBar sway bar is included to reduce body roll and includes  premium end-links that provide immediate engagement between the chassis and control arms for more precise feedback and cornering control.
  • Drop spindles are included and allow for the use of a longer stroke shock which improves suspension geometry and bump steer.  Spindles require 17″inch or larger wheels.
  • The rear Bolt-On 4-Link greatly improves traction, handling and ride quality by optimized anti-squat, roll center and pinion angle migration.
  • The Ridetech 4-link uses a super strong, reinforced, bolt-in, c-notch, that does not require any welding or major modifications to the bed floor.
  • Ridetech’s patented R-Joint rod ends are included in the 4-link bars to eliminate binding and noise while providing long, service free, performance.
  • The long panhard bar and bolt-on axle mount are designed to provide great handling with minimal lateral movement.
  • The front and rear suspension systems will work with Coil-Over shocks or Shockwave Air Suspension – both utilize impact forged aluminum Fox shocks with mono-tube design to deliver excellent ride quality, handling  and a 1,000,0001 Mile Shock Warranty.
  • Choose either HQ Series single adjustable or TQ Series triple adjustable shock options to suit your tuning needs
  • The HQ Series provides a simple single adjustment that allows the driver to cater the suspension to their driving style as well as various load / truck configurations.
  • The TQ Series shock option is more track focused, provides a remote reservoir and three adjustments – 1)rebound, 2)high speed compression (impact harshness) and 3)low speed compression (cornering forces).

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