Watching Old Engines Being Brought Back To Life Is Awesome

Watching Old Engines Being Brought Back To Life Is Awesome

There’s something about seeing an old engine being brought back to life, right? It is a fun deal and something that is kind of tough to describe about how it makes you feel. I’ve done it a couple times with old tractor engines and this video is great because it encompasses a ton of different mills rumbling back to life. From old Chevy engines to dump trucks and even a truly ancient Cadillac, there’s something for every gear head to enjoy. That moment when an old engine coughs to life again is experienced in so many different ways. From the smell of the old oil and grease heating up to the sight of the smoke out of the exhaust to the noise of the clattering valves, it all spells victory on some level.

The world we live in today is not about longevity or long life. It it is about manufacturing stuff as cheaply as possible to last for just enough time that people can justify replacing it rather than fixing it. That’s exactly the opposite of the stuff you will see in this video. Some these engines would come to life after 300 years let alone 20-30.

Everyone is going to have a favorite in this video and that includes us. The guy’s reaction with the turbocharged Trans Am is the funniest. The relief on the face of the guy with the Cadillac is one of the most honest, and the old guys overseeing many of these operations truly live up to the adage “Old Guys Rule”.

Check it out below and listen to these internal combustion engines coming back from hibernation!

Press play below to see this video of old engines being brought back to life –

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