Video of Zen: Watch This Guy Restore An Old Hitachi Drill In Time Lapse – Neat!

Video of Zen: Watch This Guy Restore An Old Hitachi Drill In Time Lapse – Neat!

We hear it all too much. We hear it every day. We live in a disposable age now. No one fixes TV sets anymore. It’s hell to find parts to fix your appliances. The mantra is simply to just replace stuff. It wasn’t always like this. There was a time that basically everything you got or had in your home was able to be serviced, greased, and fixed if the need arose. This video is proof of that and boy is it really an awesome watch. You are going to watch this guy restore an old Hitachi drill in time lapse and boy does he do a nice job.

Taking the drill all the way down to the bare case, he touches every single part whether to rehab or just inspect it. There’s a lot of cleanup and not a lot of actual repair work needed here, which is cool. The gears and bearings do not seem to be too worn. That being said, he puts new bearings in and does a really nice job with the case by sanding and prepping it prior to painting.

Our favorite thing to see turned around is the drill’s chuck. It was all rusty and kind of loused up when the drill was in its “original” state but when the job is done, the thing shines like a damned diamond. We’re guessing that this Hitachi drill has another bunch of decades of use left in it now. Hopefully this guy gives it to his kids and they pass it on down the line, knowing that a member of their family helped to keep it running for them.

There is something almost romantic about saving old tools, right? Its more intimate than saving a car for some reason, certainly simpler, and potentially just as much fun.

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