Watch This Russian ZIL-131 6×6 Truck Take On A Crazy Off Road Obstacle Course

Watch This Russian ZIL-131 6×6 Truck Take On A Crazy Off Road Obstacle Course

The ZIL-131 was a staple truck in Russia form the late 1960s right through the 20-teens before the factory that made them closed up shop. They are rugged as hell, tough as nails, and we have shown them in various forms of competition before. The 6×6 trucks are more hardcore than the standard two wheel drive models. Those trucks get raced and jumped and stuff, these 6×6 jobs are used in competition in another way. They are sent through seemingly impossible obstacles for time as this video shows us.

Basically you are going to see one of these trucks in about the most extreme situations you can put it in for fun. Between the angles the truck is climbing and declining as well as the fact that it is all happening on loose soil, you’ll get an idea of just how rugged these things are. Obviously this truck has been modified to articulate like it does but we don’t think it has been modified too much. Perhaps some leaf springs removed to allow for more droop? The axles appear to be just about dead nuts knock offs of Rockwell top loaders. The engine is a 6.9L gas job that may not make much power but sounds pretty good doing it.

The trucks were built like anvils. They weighed 14,000lbs when brand new. Gutted and not having anything on its back, we have to believe that this truck is lighter than that. Using air brakes which you’ll hear in the video and a 5-speed manual transmission with a two speed transfer case, this thing can claw and crawl with the best of them.

This is a tough old goat of a truck and we’d love a chance to wheel it with the best of them. This looks like some hardcore fun!

Press play below to watch this awesome 6×6 ZIL Russian Truck tackle terrain –

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