Video: Brandt Railroad Trucks Are The Coolest Big Rigs In The World –

Video: Brandt Railroad Trucks Are The Coolest Big Rigs In The World –

I must have been sick the day that Brandt railroad trucks were discussed at the university of awesome because before today I had no idea that such a thing existed. Sure, I have seen HY-Rail pickup trucks and medium duty trucks before but I had never seen a full on big rig with that setup, let alone one pulling an entire freaking train! In these videos you will see two different Brandt trucks pulling train cars down the track. The trucks can obviously drive down the road like normal but when they are needing to go to work, they pull on the rails, the steel wheels deploy and they become powerful locomotive engines ready to move freight, equipment, and other stuff to where it needs to go.

The Canadian-based Brandt company has been in business for some 80 years and they started making agricultural equipment. From there they have diversified into a zillion different things but the unifying theme between all branches and facets of the company is the fact that building and innovating are the hallmarks of their existence. The road-rail side of their business, where the rig you will see below fall is small but demanding market. We can’t imagine that hundreds of these trucks are ordered a year but we can imagine that the ones which are ordered are all tailored to the specific needs of the customer ordering it.

Completely unloaded the truck generates 50,000lbs of tractive force. With a load on the bed, it only gets better from there. We love the two videos below because they clearly show the truck at work. There is no trickery here, just a really powerful truck doing something that we have never seen a really powerful truck do befere…a dead nuts on impersonation of a locomotive. The two trucks here are both Peterbilts so we’re not sure if you get to spec the cab and chassis a customer but we can say that these mighty Pete’s are most impressive.

We’re working on more details about these cool trucks. Stay tuned!


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  1. JP

    i am a truck driver and I want to do that!!!

    No more traffic delays, yes
    No idiots doing brake check in front of me..


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