Chino Air Show 2015: Check Out The Incredible Planes That Came To The Show – Modern And Classic Stuff Alike

Chino Air Show 2015: Check Out The Incredible Planes That Came To The Show – Modern And Classic Stuff Alike

(Photos by Jeff and Mike Burghardt) – There are few things more impressive in the world than military aircraft. From the humblest beginnings one could imagine over 100 years ago to the simply incredible machinery of today they are all fascinating for one reason or another. Many planes are enthralling because of their capabilities and some are actually interesting because of their lack thereof. Like race cars, airplanes have evolved in a linear and rapid fashion to perform the duties that are placed upon them. From the massive lumbering bombers to the fighter jets that pit pilots against other pilots, they are all cool to us because they make huge power and attain huge speeds.

Mike and Jeff Burghardt attended the Chino Air Show back in the spring. Here’s their thoughts and their photos!

Here’s what Jeff and Mike had to say: 

Jeff also took a video of the F-22 Raptor  flight maneuvers, showcasing many of it’ unique capabilities. Tis aircraft can almost stand still while in light, giving the “optical illusion” that it is “hovering”. It is actually traveling laterally at about 90 mph, with it’s nose up. then it abruptly “kicks in” the after burners and launches straight up, before performing a tumbling 180 degree roll, and finally completing a complete reversal in direction of lateral travel. this is all done in a remarkably short travel distance. Much of this is hard to notice in the video, as he only background is the shy. The thrust out of the engines can be directed, slightly. One word describes what this plane can do … “WOW”. Glad it is on our side. It is the only modern fighter aircraft that cannot be sold to any foreign country (ally or not) by Congressional ruling.

The last one was delivered n 2012 and production has stopped due to “cut-backs” and the fact that no other country has any aircraft operational that would require this plane to defend against it. This plane was developed during the “Cold War”. The “newer” F-35 has many of the same stealth capabilities, but not as fast and is designed more as a multi-mission task aircraft. It also is equipped with only one engine, though the Navy is pushing for a dual engine variant. The Marine F-35 version will feature vertical take -off  and super sonic capabilities , to replace the Harrier in current use.
Once the “bugs” are out the USAF, Navy and Marines will all utilize different variants of the F-35. The costs are expected to lower, because all the parts are interchangeable between the variants. The Raptor, on the other hand, is “one of a kind”. Besides, our “liberals in government” would rather “waste our valuable tax dollars” in hundreds of other things besides our nations defense.
Imagine a jet dragster with a pair of engines off a Raptor installed. That would be one hell of quarter mile pass!



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6 thoughts on “Chino Air Show 2015: Check Out The Incredible Planes That Came To The Show – Modern And Classic Stuff Alike

  1. doug gregory

    Much love. Been a few years since I’ve been to one. Looks like I need to plan for one next year.

  2. Threedoor

    The Planes of Fame Museum is not to be missed. I was there way back in 92, right in the middle of when my Jr High boyhood was in full WWII aviation mode. To sneek a touch on such gems as a Me262au, Gotha flying wing Glider, Japanese Me163 copy, P38. Oh it was heady stuff! The float plane from the movie Water World was there too. Four years later I got to watch some machine work on a giant slug of titanium alloy being shaped into the main wing spar for one of the prototype F22s. Such cool stuff.

  3. Joel

    Ignoring the political bs about spending decisions coming from a Republican-controlled Congress, it\’s always interesting to read about how amazing the F-22 is. I think it\’s more interesting to hear from critics of the F-35. War is Boring must have a negative article every week and it\’s kind of fun but kind of sad to read about how our defense dollars are spent

    Try this one out first

  4. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    What about a jet LSR car with two Raptor engines to crack 1000mph and wipe the smile off those bullshitter’s mouths of Project Butthound.

    Come on USA – you can do it!

  5. The Crusty Autoworker

    Dummies should have never stopped producing the F-22, a fantastic aircraft. Now that mess they call the F-35, they should have killed it with fire many, many tax payer dollars ago. Crusty ain’t even American, but I feel your pain as that POS plane will be my country’s only fighter aircraft for decades to come.
    (Love our Battle of Britain inspired F-188/F-18 at this show though)

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