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Syracuse Nationals 2015: Our Final Load Of Photos From The HUGE Show

Syracuse Nationals 2015: Our Final Load Of Photos From The HUGE Show

(Photos by Brooks/Ferrer) – Well we have finally come to the end of the photo onslaught from the 2015 Syracuse Nationals and it has been a fun ride, hasn’t it? Mike, Jose, and Brian really did a nice job in bringing us the full extent of this show and it was fun to see everything from the autocross to some of the wacky themed cars that you will see in today’s photos. Also in the batch below are photos from some of the indoor displays that were setup as well. There was rain, there was sun, there was burning rubber, and there were people who were having the time of their lives. What’s better than that?

If all of these photos have not made you want to go and visit this event next year you are beyond hope. We want to try and get out there with our junk pile to have some of the fun that these guys did. Rather than run on at the mouth, we’re calling it quits here and we’re just going to let all of these great photos do the talking!


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5 thoughts on “Syracuse Nationals 2015: Our Final Load Of Photos From The HUGE Show

  1. john t

    hate to be negative but I think that frankenstein green car is a new low in rat rods. I dislike cartoony rat rods and this takes that to the next level of stupid. Enough!

    1. Gump

      I dig those cartoony rods. The Fury, on the other hand, is ignorant, and that man should be kicked in the balls.

      1. jaygryph

        The bubble top fury has been in a number of well circulated car and hotrod mags, it’s a pretty popular rig. I’d say the guy knew exactly what he built.

  2. jaygryph

    Those kooky monster rods are a trip. They’re both inspired and fun. I bet buillding them was a heck of a lot of shop entertainment for whoever put them together, looks like at least four different rigs. Would love to see them rolling down the road in a convoy.

    Very ratfink sort of “Why not?” vibe they got going on that is sorely lacking from much of the up-tight automotive fandom.

    I’d bet money on that they garnered more attention, pictures, conversation, and laughs both with and at them than any of the other vehicles there and they will be what most of the kids will remember fondly as they grow to driving age. Say what ya want, but I think that’s totally doing it right.

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