CL Find: This Beat Looking F-150 Has A Twin Turbo 351 And All The Makings Of The Best Sleeper In America

CL Find: This Beat Looking F-150 Has A Twin Turbo 351 And All The Makings Of The Best Sleeper In America

Normally we limit ourselves to one Craigslist Find per day but the tip we just got on this sleeper Ford pickup that is currently for sale on Craigslist was too good to sit on, we had to run it! This has to be one of the coolest budget built sleepers in America. The truck itself looks like so many other late 1980s Ford F-150s which are still trundling around in various parts of the country. The thing looks pretty well hammered, used up, and ready to meet its maker in the form of the scrap yard but under the hood lies the real magic, a 351 that has been treated to a very budget minded twin turbo setup. This isn’t a truck that you look under the hood and find all sorts of polished and nice stuff. Nope, this is a truck that you look under the hood to see a grungy engine and then your eyes bug out when you see the pair of turbos positioned on either side of the mill. Even blowing through the stock intake manifold the seller is thinking that the truck makes 400hp or better.

We’d list all the parts on this thing but the seller has already done it.

Here’s the text of the Craigslist Ad:

Up for sale is my project truck. I don’t need to sell, it but I would like to move on to other projects around my house. It runs and drives fine and is tuned with Megasquirt 2 v3.0 via laptop. As of right now, there is nothing wrong with it except for a small leak coming from either the oil pan or the turbo drain. It leaks about 4 drops when the motor is hot and stops leaking when it cools down. I haven’t had time to look at it as I have been busy these past few weeks. Specs are as follows:

– 1988 Ford F-150 speed regular cab
– 4×4 with manual locking hubs (works fine)
– 5 speed stock truck manual trans and stock 8.8 rear (shifts fine and no noises)
– 351w V8
– Inspected until 12/14
– Fully custom twin turbo setup with 2.5″ intercooler piping and 2.5″ exhaust all the way back to underneath the bed (surprisingly quiet even without a muffler)
– T04E turbos with 38mm wastegates running at about 8psi right now
– Tuned by Megasquirt 2 v3.0 standalone with TunerStudio software (Could use some fine tuning. It was only street tuned never saw a dyno. I would estimate about 350-400 HP currently)
– AEM wideband o2 sensor with gauge
– 20psi boost gauge
– BBK adjustable fuel pressure regulator with Jeg’s pressure gauge in rail
– Walbro 255 fuel pump
– Ford 42lbs fuel injectors
– Ram Clutch rated to be good for 550hp at the crank
– Treadstone twin turbo aluminum intercooler
– New water pump
– New aluminum radiator
– New primary fuel tank installed last year
– New front brakes and slotted rotors
– New rear brake cylinders and new brake lines from just behind front wheel all the way to cylinders

As I said above, I would like to sell this and move on to other projects. Price is $5500 OBO. I am negotiable on the price, but I am not going to give it away. I also have 2 spare 302 engines and a ton of spare parts that I could throw into the deal as well. There are a lot of hours and late nights put into this project and I would like to see it go to somebody who will enjoy it. E-mail me through this ad if you wish to contact me. More pix available upon request.



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