Craigslist Find: This Is The Most Oddly Modified 1972 Chevy Pickup Truck Ever

Craigslist Find: This Is The Most Oddly Modified 1972 Chevy Pickup Truck Ever

Up until Adam Wiskow sent us a link to the 1972 Chevy truck below we thought that it was impossible to screw up modifying a 1967-1972 Chevy truck. Really, we have seen hundreds and hundreds of them over the year at shows and if you want to make them into a pro street type truck, they look cool. These babies are the hottest thing in the pro touring world right now and again, love ’em. Even restored to factory original with shiny trim and the factory engine they draw a crowd. We never considered that someone would look at one of the nicest pickup designs of all time and think, “Hey, about two feet out of the middle (lengthwise) of that truck would make it more-perfecter.” Yes, this person turned a 1972 Chevy truck into a “roadster” and it is just not good.

Here’s the seller’s pitch in the CL ad, “This cute little roadster was originally a 1972 Chevy longbox. It is completely custom! The top comes off and stores in the bed of the truck, making it a fun little convertible! “Adirondac” style seats are unique to this fun machine. The mirror and the back window are Chevy bow ties! “Look honey, I shrunk the truck!”

The ultra narrowed grill actually struck us a cool element of the truck but the more I stare at it, the less I am willing to admit that I like it. From the weird seats to the exterior everything, this is one of the strangest things we have ever seen on the interviews for sale.

Did we mention that Nutting wants to buy it?


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CL FIND: This was once a proud 1972 Chevy pickup

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17 thoughts on “Craigslist Find: This Is The Most Oddly Modified 1972 Chevy Pickup Truck Ever

  1. GuitarSlinger

    In all honesty I think its a major improvement over what is in my opinion one of the most boring ‘ box ‘ design pick ups in recent history despite what the current ‘ trend’ of the marching lemmings might be .

    Trends ; To be defined as herd mentality expressing its self within a human context . Or in my terms … the blind leading the blind willingly over the cliff : leaving any semblance of originality or creativity in the dust

    I mean … Come On Mr Lohnes ! Hot Rod ! Remember that term . Still know [ or did you ever ] what that is defined as ? Here’s a quote from a mentor that sums it up best … from Big Sid ;

    ” Stock is a can of beans on a shelf ”

    And THIS … aint no can o’ beans in the slightest 😉

    Two thumbs up . And most certainly NEEDs to be BangShift approved

  2. Beagle

    agree – I find it oddly compelling… maybe 4-53t and twin sticks would help. You’ll probably never see two of them.

    It’s so damn wrong, it’s kind of right.

  3. Chevy hatin' mad Geordie

    I’ve just blown chunks over my computer! The best way to modify any Chevy is with a wrecking ball, preferably with the owner still in it. Nor Ford lover would be so cruel with their wheels you can see tears of shame leaking out of the headlights – It should never be driven near steep cliffs in case it commits automotive suicide by launching itself off to crash in a flaming fireball!

  4. jerry z

    GS, did you forget to take your meds this morning?

    Seriously, turn that ‘roadster’ 180 deg and drive it into the lake. I have been looling at some 67-72’s lately and would love to put in my LT1/6spd!

    1. steve-o

      Looks like a cross between an SSR and Prowler. Not sure what they were smoking during the design phase, but the work is good, and I kinda like it.
      This from a former 68 GMC owner.

  5. Dustin

    There is a dude around my neck of the woods, who did this to 65 Ford Falcon. I’ve seen it at local shows over the years. The amount of metal work that went it to this is….wow. Love it or hate it, someone has some talent, or can pay for talent!

  6. Whelk

    Aside from the seats I think it’s pretty cool. In a way it hearkens back to the custom movement of the 50s. Why should it be limited to pre 49 sedans?

  7. Matt Cramer

    I’m not sure what to make of this one. There are some touches that work very well – the shape of the hood, for example, really works when narrowed, and I like the paint. There are some touches that are absolutely horrifying, like the seats.

    Overall, I’d say it’s an idea that might have potential, some top notch metalworking skills, but it adds up to something that doesn’t quite look right. Perhaps it could be done better.

    On the other hand, I don’t think there is any execution of the idea that would make me want to make a roadster out of my own ’72 Chevy pickup. But I use mine to haul stuff.

  8. Jonsey

    Even in New Zealand we dont abuse the referal ROADSTER to a heap of shit this thing is . A roadster has a fold down screen.–A set screen is a convertable.-Amen

  9. rodzilla

    How can anyone consider the 1972 body style boring? these trucks looked way cool, and to butcher one, like this, brought a tear to my eye. In the low angle profile shot, at the bottom, I was kinda diggin’ it, but in every other shot it offended me.

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