Craigslist Find: The Official Vehicle Of Operation “Screw This, I’m Going Camping” – This 1989 M925A2 Rules!

Craigslist Find: The Official Vehicle Of Operation “Screw This, I’m Going Camping” – This 1989 M925A2 Rules!

Getting away from it all just sounds so nice sometimes, doesn’t it? Driving around, seeing everything there is to see in this great big world while staying away from most humans…yes, there is something very nice about that thought. But finding a vehicle that can handle that kind of lifestyle that isn’t a fancy Greyhound bus isn’t easy, and we don’t care who you are, sleeping in the back of a van for weeks at a time sucks. Luckily, Stephen Hamacher, a friend of BangShift, found a solution for sale that radically undercuts the luxury RV significantly, is stout enough to handle plenty of off-roading, has incredible range, and will cause a scene wherever it goes.

Camper 2

Per the ad: “This truck started its life as a typical military M-925A2 with winch and 48 inch tires. I then mounted a 1995 Trail Manor camper trailer on it. Removing the tongue and axle. New Michilin XL16.00 x 20 tires were installed, going from 48 inch to 53 inch. Giving the truck extra ground clearance., A custom skid plate was added to front axle, custom hood scoop to hood and custom grill guard to protect radiator. The grill guard also lifts hood and protects the lights. A 110 gallon marine fuel tank was add under the camper, giving the truck an approximately 2000 mile range. The truck already had power steering, ABS brakes, detroit locker C.T.I.S. Alison automatic transmission. 20,000 pound winch. Decks were added to make deployment of the camper easier. There is too much to list.”


The build looks like a perfect integration and for $40,000, it’s an unbelievable bargain. You might be stuck doing 60 miles an hour maximum due to the gearing, but with that extra fuel tank, you’ll do sixty wherever you damn well please, with comfort just a quick conversion away!

Craigslist Link: 1989 AM General M925A2 Camper


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4 thoughts on “Craigslist Find: The Official Vehicle Of Operation “Screw This, I’m Going Camping” – This 1989 M925A2 Rules!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Just slot it into top gear, put Ride of the Valkeries on a hideously loud PA system you’ve installed and drive it straight through the fence of a British Caravan Club site.

    I love the smell of soiled beige trousers in the morning – it tastes like victory!

  2. sbg

    I’m so with you on this, I got in a bidding war on Gov’t auctions a couple years ago for either this one or its twin…. eventually I just couldn’t justify ‘one more bid’ so I let it go. As he’s asking 40k for this example, I’m overjoyed that I didn’t win as there is no way that could be built for less plus the purchase price (I gave up at 5k).

  3. sbg

    oh and 6 mpg is a bit of a downer too…. especially since comparables like the unimog get double or even higher mpg.

  4. Dan

    Great zombie crusher Just pull a tanker trailer Need to be able to sleep ontop would be nice Two speed rear axle would help fuel milage too if it doesn’t already have water tank too. Texas Dan •¥•

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