eBay Find: This 1973 Ford F-250 Ranger Is Longbed, Four Wheel Drive, Three Pedal Awesomeness

eBay Find: This 1973 Ford F-250 Ranger Is Longbed, Four Wheel Drive, Three Pedal Awesomeness

When you spend as much time looking at, talking about, writing on, and generally being around cars and trucks as we do, you occasionally develop an unhealthy obsession with a particular thing and that develops into “looking at” stuff, which then leads to an uncomfortable conversation with your spouse about why having another vehicle in the fleet is a good idea…especially when some of the other ones do not run. Now that you have taken a glimpse into my world, allow me to admit that I am currently fighting a compulsion to buy a late 1960s-early 1970s Ford F250 four wheel drive. This 1973 F-250 Ranger is like a high hanging curveball that I want to knock over the outfield wall.

The truck is really nice and clean. Not like restored clean, but just cared for clean and to me that’s the best kind. Power comes from the unmodified 360ci engine that lived in the nose of the rig when it was manufactured and it has the factory axles under it including the high pinion Dana 44 up front. There’s a manual transmission, nice two tone paint, all the factory trim, a nice looking interior, and my favorite part are the period wheels. The truck has a perfect stance in my eyes and that’s largely because I have been staring at odd SEMA trucks for a week with their stilt-like look. This one has good rubber that fills the wheel wells and looks sweet.

This truck was so well kept that the factor jack is still secured to the inner fender. We’re guessing that the pipe insulation wrapped around the gear levers is to prevent mashing knees and stuff. That would be gone immediately. Hate the way it looks.

Lots of stuff to love about this one.

Check out the images and then hit the link – I’ll be pawning something

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Click here to see the full ad for this 1973 F-250 pickup truck 

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5 thoughts on “eBay Find: This 1973 Ford F-250 Ranger Is Longbed, Four Wheel Drive, Three Pedal Awesomeness

  1. gt

    The foam on the shifters reduces the usual truck trans noise.
    The big trucks even have upholstered stick covers at the truck stop for this.

  2. c502cid

    As the past-owner of the last of the Hi-Boys a 77 with a 400M 4 speed, they only downfall on this truck, besides the dog of a 360, is the power steering. It’s a ram, not a power box and they suck. The older trucks, like this one may have front drum brakes too. Divorced 205 is a gem though. I also had the lower 78 F-250 with the same motor and it was a much better truck, just didn’t have the “look”. Above poster is correct about the donkey dick on the shifter, the vibrated and made noise something horrible and the insulation is a 75% cure.

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