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SEMA 2016: The Edelbrock Display Was Horsepower Heaven – New Heads, Lots of Parts

SEMA 2016: The Edelbrock Display Was Horsepower Heaven – New Heads, Lots of Parts

Traditionally Edebrock has one of the neatest displays every year at the SEMA show. Filled with intakes, cylinder heads, engines, blowers, and new products that the company is rolling out, it’s a wall to wall display of what the company has going on. Never ones to be left behind and famous equipped with their own foundries, there were plenty of new hard engine parts there to touch, see, and oogle.

We’ll start with the one that kind of surprised us in the form of the Gen III hemi head. One of the best parts of that engine from the factory is the cylinder head on the engine. That’s not to say the head is impervious to improvements, but the company really put the work in on this piece to make sure that the end user sees as much benefit as possible when making the switch. Elements of the “Eagle” factory head have been incorporated in this design and Edebrock says that they will move 330 CFM on the intake side. That is healthy for sure!

The other big story on the cylinder head side of things were the LT1 Gen V Victor Jr pieces and the Performer RPM LT1 Gen V heads.

The Performer RPM heads are an improvement over stock and you can use all of your stock parts with them. It is a bolt on for whatever you are installing them into and while better working than stock they are not too wild a departure from the way GM produced them at the engine plant. These are a nice step up from stock but not as hardcore as the Victor Jr. heads.

We’re super impressed with the LT1 Gen V Victor Jr. heads because Edlebrock went to town with these things. How about relocating the exhaust ports 1.5″, canting the valves slightly, AND rolling them so the angle is now 11.5-degrees. You can use the stock induction system with these heads but you cannot use the stock manifolds. Kooks is offering a header to fit Camaro and Corvettes using the Victor Jr so if you wanted an off-the-shelf option, there you have it. We’re dying to see how much better those work than the stockers do. Big time stuff!

Edelbrock is also touting their new ignition components and we’ll get you more information on those over the next couple of days.

Check out the images below of the hottest parts we saw at Edelbrock –

sema-show-2016-tuesday28 sema-show-2016-tuesday29  sema-show-2016-tuesday31 sema-show-2016-tuesday32  sema-show-2016-tuesday34 sema-show-2016-tuesday35 sema-show-2016-tuesday36 sema-show-2016-tuesday37   sema-show-2016-tuesday40 sema-show-2016-tuesday41 sema-show-2016-tuesday42 sema-show-2016-tuesday43 sema-show-2016-tuesday44 sema-show-2016-tuesday45 sema-show-2016-tuesday46 sema-show-2016-tuesday47 sema-show-2016-tuesday48  sema-show-2016-tuesday50 sema-show-2016-tuesday51 sema-show-2016-tuesday52 sema-show-2016-tuesday53 sema-show-2016-tuesday54 sema-show-2016-tuesday55 sema-show-2016-tuesday56 sema-show-2016-tuesday57 sema-show-2016-tuesday58

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  1. Barry_R

    ThiTech has had a really nice Hemi head for a few years now. Has a couple Engine Masters wins under their belt with teams running it.

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