Five Huge Trucks And A Half Million Tires Help To Move This Load That Defines The Term Heavy Hauling

Five Huge Trucks And A Half Million Tires Help To Move This Load That Defines The Term Heavy Hauling

Ok, the whole “half million” tire count is a rough estimate because I lost track at twenty. There are a flippin’ LOT of tires on the trailer/dollies being used to haul some insanely heavy load in what looks to be Australia. The trucks all have the big bull-bat deals on the front of them and the air intake pipes with the little scoops on top of them complete what we consider to be a pretty typical look for Aussie heavy haul trucks operating both on and off road. We have no idea what the item is that these trucks are moving but it is obviously of crushing weight as to require this many rigs to get it up the grade you will see them climb.

It looks like there are a couple different brands of trucks represented here with Macks and KWs helping to schlep this load up the hill. It looks like the team has a pretty good head of steam coming into the big hill and by the time the trucks come by the camera position, they are all hoofing it pretty hard. The interesting thing is to listen to the engines with the volume turned up. As soon as the begin to come up the grade, you can hear ’em hunker down and you can listen to the turbos really whistle.

It seems to us like you’d have to be a pretty experienced driver to work one of these types of jobs and there must be a constant stream of communication between the trucks that are working together regarding what gear they are supposed to be in, what speed they are supposed to be traveling, and all that kind of stuff. An even effort from all parties involved seems like it would be better than an “overachiever” or two in the group.

THIS is what “heavy hauling” means!


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9 thoughts on “Five Huge Trucks And A Half Million Tires Help To Move This Load That Defines The Term Heavy Hauling

  1. john

    Would have been a good replacement for the USC band in the original ” Naked Gun…” Riccardo Montalban is still dead.

  2. Ed

    Looks like it’s a big shaking screen, they fit these to screen the discharge from a big grinding mill. Very cool.

  3. Michael

    Given the load is cradled in a Beam Set, and it’s taking Bradshaw 5 trucks to move this load, I’m guessing a transformer, in the 300 – 350 tonne range. Bradshaw heavy haulage moves a lot of these things…

    1. TheSilverBuick

      Yeah it does look like a transformer. Should of used a single CAT 797, lol, though the truck will weigh almost as much as the pay load, unless you remove the bed and attach a trailer. Then it would climb the hill around 10mph!

  4. 1970camaroRS

    26 axles on the dollies per side, two tires per axle, 104 tires total not counting any that might be mid-span under the load or those that are on the tractors themselves.

  5. Cyclone03

    So if you drove that could you say something like, You drive an 18 wheeler? Thats cute.

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