Mark Williams Enterprises Expands Off-Road Offerings With A GM 14-Bolt 30-Spline Pinion Flange Yoke

Mark Williams Enterprises Expands Off-Road Offerings With A GM 14-Bolt 30-Spline Pinion Flange Yoke

Every rig on the trail or the rocks has an achilles heel. Maybe its a weak axle, maybe its a weak transmission, or maybe it is lurking in a place that you are not considering like the the yoke on your rear axle. That standard style yoke has some inherent downsides when off road. It can get smashed, bashed, and even wrecked by a guard that’s been deformed on a rock. Mark Williams Enterprises has expanded there off road offerings with a GM 14-Bolt 30-Spline Pinion Flange Yoke. This flange yoke is not just inherently strong as it is made from heat treated 4140 steel and black oxide coated to prevent rust, but it helps to solve some of the issues that a standard yoke can encounter off road.

The round shape means that you are not going to get it caught on jagged rocks and it is far less susceptible to binding as well. Combine it with a nice Spicer flange yoke and the M12 ARP fasteners and you can rest easy knowing you have a strong and reliable setup to use!

GM 14 Bolt 30 Spline Pinion Flange Yoke

When you’re off road it is possible for standard yokes to snag the rocks or catch on a bent yoke guard. Flange yokes prevent binding and allow for easy yoke rotation. MW has produced a 30-spline flange yoke for the GM 14-Bolt. It has a 5.438″ diameter, four – 12mm bolt holes on 4.25″ bolt circle to match the Spicer® part number 3-2-1699. 2.550″ flange depth and 2.68″ register. This combination offers a connection between a 14-Bolt rear / transfer case to a 1350 series Spicer® driveshaft flange. Made from high strength heat treated 4140 steel for durability and black oxide coated for rust prevention.

MW’s new pinion flange yoke mated to the Spicer driveshaft yoke with high-strength M12 hex bolts from ARP make the perfect combination.

14-Bolt Flange Yoke – P/N 39385
Driveshaft Flange Yoke – P/N 3-2-1699
ARP M12 Bolts – P/N 39385-KITB

           Four sexy Bolts!

Did you know that MW has been expanding our off-road parts offerings? We’ve dedicated an entire section of our website just for these. Check out

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