The Guys With The Insane Dual Russian Tank Engine Pulling Tractor Have Added A Blown Hemi, Because Why Not?

The Guys With The Insane Dual Russian Tank Engine Pulling Tractor Have Added A Blown Hemi, Because Why Not?

Of the more amazing creations we have ever featured on BangShift is a European pulling tractor called Slaedehunden (sled dog) which uses a pair of massive 40-liter Russian tank diesel engines that have been hot rodded with turbos and every other trick in the book to make thousands of horsepower and create enough soot to be seen from the space station. As if that weren’t enough, the team apparently added a blown alcohol burning hemi engine to the front of the tractor because why wouldn’t they, right? We’ve been trying to figure out the main benefit for using that engine in front of the big diesels. Is it for extra high RPM kick? Does it help to get the whole show moving while the big engines are getting spooled up? Was it added strictly for the intimidation factor of looking like something out of a Mad Max movie? If you have an idea, please fill us in. We’re certainly not thinking that it is unnecessary because when you can bolt a 2,000hp (or more) V8 in front of a couple of huge diesels that are making at least that much independently, everyone wins. Perhaps it was done to promote clean energy as the big diesels make all that smoke and the little hemi doesn’t so much a breathe an ounce of junk through the zoomies.

In this video you will see a quick walk around and then you will watch the tractor completely and utterly man handle the sled on two pulls. Both times the driver could have pulled the sled down the block, around the corner, and back to the course if he wanted to. We’re guessing that this is one of the most powerful tractors in the world today and if it isn’t the thing sure looks like it. The immense columns of soot and the noise that comes from those diesels combined with the screaming wail of the hemi are really something else.

We’re out of words to describe this thing other than WOW!


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10 thoughts on “The Guys With The Insane Dual Russian Tank Engine Pulling Tractor Have Added A Blown Hemi, Because Why Not?

  1. marcus

    I was thinking the same thing (starter motor) but then figured it might be the counterweight to help hold the front end down. I would like to see how they get all that power to the ground. Those gears have to be huge.

  2. Jay

    Must be for that extra push over the cliff. Watch the intake butterflies on the Hemi. He feathers them as he goes down the track on the first pull. In the “pull off” he drops the hammer on the Hemi about 100′ or so. Front end comes up and the thing takes off.


  3. Marra 1

    Dang.I wounder if the hemi makes much of a difference,or is it just used to power the fuel pump to keep those 2 beasts of engines running! either way really good! 🙂

  4. Christer Orn

    The reason for puting the Hemi on is simply need for more power! And since there is a point system in the class that would not allow them to put on a third big diesel, they just added that Hemi and stayed within the limits. Each engine type and displacement are given a specific amount of engine points, and this combination kept the within the maximum class points…

    If you look at the Hemis butterflies, he won´t throtle them open until he is 20-30m down the track…if he hammers the Hemi from the line, he will unload the turbos on the diesels and they will quit on him…

  5. NovaDave

    I would like to see the other tractor in the pull off. It must be pretty impressive as well to compete against this beast.

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