Gallery: Monster Trucks Invade And Occupy The Shop At MSD Performance!

Gallery: Monster Trucks Invade And Occupy The Shop At MSD Performance!

(Photos by MSD Performance) – When your job is to maintain 10,000+ trucks that routinely jump 20-feet in the air and land on cars, buses, RVs, and concrete floors fixing stuff is pretty much a 24/7, 365 operation and most of the time you’ll probably be doing it on your back, in an arena parking lot with only the resources in your own trailer. We can only imagine the joy recently when a full compliment of Monster Jam crews descended on MSD Performance Headquarters in El Paso, Texas to service their rigs, fix broken stuff, and get prepared for this weekend’s slate of shows at the UTEP stadium which is not too far from said MSD HQ. Never ones to miss an opportunity to see cool stuff, the MSD crew was down there in the shop with the guys looking at their rigs up close and personal, snapping photos, and maybe even lending a hand when and where they could. These trucks are amazing beasts although when you see them on their small transport tires they look kind of funny. The wrenchers have to enjoy the fact that everything is more accessible, though.

The monster truck industry is BIG business. Just look at the Monster Jam schedule some time. There are multiple events happening in multiple cities all over the country every weekend. The big World Finals event in Las Vegas has become a legitimate tourist draw and they sell out Sam Boyd stadium because of just how off-the-wall crazy the even has become over the years. While the flash and dash sells the tickets, the scenes you will see in this gallery are what we really dig. This is the stuff that no one ever sees. The general perception is probably that the trucks roll off the trailer, the huge tires install themselves, they bust up a bunch of cars and then they’re off to the next city. No one remembers the busted parts, mechanics soaked in oil and various fluids, the blown up axles and transmissions, etc.

Like a group of gladiators getting prepared for their next round of fights in the Coliseum, these monsters are getting some TLC before they tear the place up in El Paso this weekend. If you dig monster trucks or are interested in seeing a side of them you never see, click the link below!


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