This John Deere 317 Garden Tractor With A 2.8L GM V6 Is 100% BangShift Approved – Think It Sounds Good With Zoomies?

This John Deere 317 Garden Tractor With A 2.8L GM V6 Is 100% BangShift Approved – Think It Sounds Good With Zoomies?

So as you have undoubtedly noticed, we have been running lots of “Best of 2014” blog items over the last week or so. We’re going to spice things up over the next few days before New Year’s with some fresh content sprinkled in between those “Best Of” items because that is how we roll. Where other blogs are still sleeping off an egg nog hangover, we’re cranking on stuff like this pretty awesome John Deere 317 lawn tractor that has been repowered with a 60-degree 2.8L GM V6 engine. The best part about this whole thing is that the only vehicle we would ever get excited about with this engine is a John Deere lawn tractor. The weird garbly factory exhaust note is probably a lot more crispy and screamy through the zoomie headers. We’re impressed with how well the whole thing fits together and how the work was done by the builder, who is the guy selling the creation on Craigslist.

We think that this would be a fun thing to zip around on, show off at events, and generally entertain ourselves with. The one thing that we’ll call the seller out on is his claim that the engine makes “around 200hp”. Unless there has been a bunch of hidden work here, he’s at least 50 short of that ad maybe more. Considering that this tractor started life with 17hp, having 130+ at this point is still flipping awesome. This is like owning a Zinger you can actually operate. Yes, we have seen V8 powered garden tractors and we love those too, but you cannot look past the workmanship here, right?

Here’s the full text of the CL ad in case it sells. Thanks to Ken Leed for the tip!

One of a kind John Deere 317 w/ Chevy 2.8 V6, 200 HP, done right, looks and runs great. This was a year long project. It included the complete restoration of the tractor and the custom fabrication for fitting the V6 correctly into place. This custom Deere has been made to look proper and correct, allowing all of the V6 components to fit underneath the hood. No shortcuts were taken for this tractor. Definitely the best V6 conversion I have done, by far the best project I have made.

All around features:
• 2.8 L Chevrolet V6 out of Chevrolet S10 pickup
• Around 200 HP
• Rochester 2 Barrel Carburetor
• Custom Piping made by Midas Muffler, 6 straight pipes, great sound!
• Accel yellow racing wires
• Summit racing chrome valve covers
• Custom steel built dash
• Custom gauges
• Power Steering off of Geo-Metro
• Custom fabricated heavy duty grille
• Electronic High Flow fuel pump
• New Seat
• New Paint
• New Lights
• Custom Modified Built and shortened S10 Radiator
• 24x12x14 inch wide tires in the rear and wide tires in the front
• Custom Made driveshaft
• New Fluids all the way around
• Comes with Mower Deck, (not restored)
• Custom Decals
• Custom Fabricated Battery Box (New Car Battery)
• Everything New!

This is a show tractor, probably one of the first hotrod tractors of its kind. Has had very limited use on itself. Has not been revved up a ton and has not been raced. Just a one of a kind tractor for fun show use. Have had many great times and events with this tractor, not in a huge hurry to get rid of either. Definitely a huge crowd pleaser. Have had offers on it, just need money for my next project I will be designing. Many John Deere enthusiasts love this tractor and it brings creativity to all the local farm and even car shows. This is also not my first V6 conversion, but I will say, it is definitely the best one yet. Quality is written all over this machine. I would like to get $5,000, figuring that I have more invested into it through parts and extreme labor, but I do understand that this is a unique sell. Yet 317’s and 318’s go for this price alone with no custom car engines. I appreciate your time, give me an e-mail or call with any questions or offers, Thank you for your time.



Scroll down to see photos and the CL link for this cool hot rodded John Deere 317 tractor –

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