Listen To That Detroit Diesel Sing As The Driver Of This 1948 Diamond T Rows The Gears!

Listen To That Detroit Diesel Sing As The Driver Of This 1948 Diamond T Rows The Gears!

You don’t even have to watch the video to enjoy the noise of the Detroit Diesel 453T singing along in this 1948 Diamond T…the four-cylinder lives up to it’s Detroit Screamer nickname nicely! We love the old-school revving and we love seeing guys who know how to run twin-sticks do their work…and this guy does his work the proper way, with minimal input from the clutch pedal. We doubt there’s power assisted anything, either…by the end of of the drive you can imagine the driver climbing down from the cab with tired arms and ringing in the ears that may or may not go away by the time he goes to sleep. It’s a snotty sounding beast, that’s for sure, and with the tachometer dancing and both sticks being stirred, that throaty yell is probably heard for miles. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Listen To That Detroit Diesel Sing As The Driver Of This 1948 Diamond T Rows The Gears!

    1. Rustowner

      Kinda, sort of. Its a 3 spd transmission coupled with a 5 spd. Think of the 3 spd as low-med-hi and then add a 5 spd on top of that. There is overlap in some of the gears (or close at least). If you were to shift it, you’d start in low (1st) on the 3 spd and 1st on the 5spd, then shift to second, third, fourth and fifth on the 5spd. Once you topped out in “low or 1st” on the 3spd box, you’d shift the into medium (2nd gear) and start back at 1st on the 5spd and proceed up the gears from there to 5th. Then shift into 3rd (high) and back on through the gears of the 5 spd. Again, there is some gearing that is close and some skip shifting going on in the video, but thats pretty much what your watching.Hope that makes sense. Driving double “box” trucks like this is getting to be a lost art. Part of my hearing is shot from learning to drive with these old “screaming jimmy” powered trucks! Sure makes me appreciate the comfort of my 8LL trans with its nice quiet 425hp motor!

  1. Duffy

    Great Video, I think the engine is a 2 stroke diesel, I loved trucks as a kid.I hung out at a truck company, got to drive old Macks around the yard a bit.
    The Macks had air starters, I remember starting them on cold winter mornings, some used up all their air and had to get an air jump from a running truck. I also remember a GMC that sounded the same as the one in the video, that driver loved playing with the gears, I think he was also a musician, he played those pipes quite well. Was that some sort of Jake brake the guy was switching on and off? Thanks for the video..

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