Love It Or Hate It? Fred Williams’ Crazed 1973 Mad-Maxxis Off-RoadRunner Looks Tough At SEMA

Love It Or Hate It? Fred Williams’ Crazed 1973 Mad-Maxxis Off-RoadRunner Looks Tough At SEMA

One of the most buzzed about vehicles at the SEMA show is the wild Mad-Maxis Off-RoadRunner built by Fred Williams on Dirt Every Day. Powered by a new Cummins V8 that would normally be found in a Nissan pickup truck, this thing is far from just a car with some big tires on it. The had the thing parked on a big stand to show how much articulation the trar has and people were crawling all over it each day of the show.

We’re fans of the way that they hogged the back of the thing out to make storage space for the spare wheels and tires. You can also see the cannisters for the full-kill Fox shocks that are designed to keep those big Maxxis tries planted to terra firma. Check out the photos below and tell us what you think of this wacky creation!


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19 thoughts on “Love It Or Hate It? Fred Williams’ Crazed 1973 Mad-Maxxis Off-RoadRunner Looks Tough At SEMA

  1. bob

    I LOVE it! I wish the pictures showed more detail (engine compartment, interior, suspension, etc.) The only thing I’d do differently would be to mount one spare flat in the trunk and keep the rear glass. Then thing would be a hoot on a snow run in the mountains. Fred totally out shines the boys on Road Kill with this one!

  2. Sumgai

    Love it. So much better than the typical trar. Haters can shut it, not like these are highly collectible cars!

  3. Bob

    What is that sticking up from the hood?!? Great execution up to that point! Come on Fred! You can do better than that.

  4. CharlesW

    My buddy in El Cajon is the welder / fabricator of that project and I got to chat with him a lil bit about it, pics do not do it justice, Dave is a helluva builder

  5. Tim

    I usually can’t stand trars, but when I saw they built a legitimate frame and suspension based off the car itself I left my opinions at the door! I think this thing is great. Personally I would have went with a nasty big block, but the diesel makes sense in the off-road world.

  6. Stewzer55

    Fred is funnier than Finnegan and Freiburger, this project does showcase a ton of diffrent ideas and parts:
    Mad Max
    Killer Fab skills
    The Cummins 5.0 V8
    Also, staggered tire sizes and getting the gear ratios to match that wasn’t a small task.

    He also took the ugliest generation of the Mopar B-body and made it something cool, no small task because those cars are next to ugly in the dictionary.

  7. Tom Slater

    Nothing to do with the car and nothing against the author but why oh god WHY does each and every thing have to be so polarizing? Love it or Hate it. People either love me or hate me (says every fucking bro in town) I mean, C’Mon, am I the only one who has to dig deep for anything stronger than “tepid” most of the time?

    As for the car… Meh. it’s a high end trar. I’d like it better if it was made out of junkyard parts at 1/20th the budget and Fred did it himself. I get so tired of high dollar shop builds I don’t even really care to look at them.

  8. sbg

    I was really excited to see there was a stand-alone version of the 5.0 Cummins…. until Nissan announced the 17.7 mpg rating…. gas fuel economy, diesel prices, no thanks.

    1. Mouse

      17.7 mpg? Seriously?
      I get that in my Gen 1 3/4 ton Dodge 5.9 with the 4×4 engaged.
      What’s the point of building a new and “better” engine if it gets worse mileage.
      As to Mad Maxxis , switch the 5.0 for a 5.9 and I’d drive that.

  9. Chad

    Heck of a job considering they did it in about two months on the side. I love the fab skills. It wasn’t just thrown together. As to painting it I think you missed the point (and the above column) as its a mad max type vehicle. I thinks it’s a great job done right. Don’t listen to em Fred! Stay original!

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