Luxo-Rig! This Kenworth Has One Of The Most Awesome Rolling Apartments We’ve Ever Seen On Its Back

Luxo-Rig! This Kenworth Has One Of The Most Awesome Rolling Apartments We’ve Ever Seen On Its Back

(By Greg Rourke) – We love trucks here at Bangshift. We also love RV’s, and there has been a smattering of custom vans lately. So it’s only natural that we would like all three rolled into one, and you can make a living with it.

Most over the road trucks have sleepers. “if the wheels aren’t turning, you aren’t earning” as the saying goes, so drivers will drive the maximum allowable hours and stop to sleep where and when they can. Motel bills eat into your money, so sleeping in the truck is an economical option. Once upon a time you were lucky to get a 36 inch sleeper with a single bunk and nothing else, but now sleepers in the 60 inch range are more common. Sometimes drivers want even more.
Here we have have 170 inches of  apartment mounted to a Kenworth. They added a custom sleeper to the factory sleeper. Sink, toilet, fridge, microwave, and of course a bed. Cabinets are anywhere there is space. Reminds me of the Westphalia conversions on VW microbuses, no wasted space. Ever been in a truckstop? Not all of them are as hygienic as one might hope, so not having to shower in one is a plus. Cooking your own meals will save you from a 10,000 calorie biscuits and 90 weight gravy breakfast every morning. Saves you a few shekels as well. Of course there is a weight penalty with a sleeper like this, as well as maneuverability. You won’t find one hauling steel, but more likely hauling a moving van, where the load is bulky but not heavy.
All this and only 582,981 miles. It’s not uncommon to run 150,000 miles a year over the road, and the truck could have been in service for 4 years, so that’s about right. And for just one dollar less than 100 grand, this baby can be yours.


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3 thoughts on “Luxo-Rig! This Kenworth Has One Of The Most Awesome Rolling Apartments We’ve Ever Seen On Its Back

  1. b3m

    I had asked years ago what those were for. Most common is loads a driver cannot leave. Given technology, these are a dying breed. A normal truck setup to be regular 40/60ton is killing the front ends daily at a 280 inch base. Lets not forget those rails are not rigid, it would break a drivers back to stay stiff. The bunk is not luxurious.

  2. 3rd Generation

    I’d like to watch the typical driver shimmy thier ass onto that toilet for the Big Dump or alternatively take a ‘shower’ in that plastic cage. That’s a Great environment to work in – a smelly, humid bunkhouse.

    Actually, scratch that. That thing is ridiculous and no self respecting professional truck driver would sanction it.

  3. Rob Meyer

    Wow U2 must be envious truck drivers, or two guys that don’t know what they’re talking about.haters going to hate.

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