Man Van: This Four Wheel Drive E-350 Is For Sale And Boy Is It Nice

Man Van: This Four Wheel Drive E-350 Is For Sale And Boy Is It Nice

It’s weird how life works. The old saw, “One man’s loss is another man’s gain,” is a statement that’s about as true as they come. Take the case of this simply fantastic E-350 van that has been lifted and converted to four wheel drive (professionally) up in Canada. The guy selling it on eBay is in a tough spot financially and he has to off-load his dream rig because cash is king. While we feel bad for the guy, we also love this van and we’re guessing there are others out there who love it as well.

While 4×4 vans are not that uncommon, we’d say that ones built to this level aren’t the norm. This was not a home swap job. Instead a company called Sportsman Light Truck in Kamloops, BC installed a coil sprung Dana 60 in the front of the truck and the rest of the four wheel drive equipment. I looks damned near factory to us. The addition of the coil sprung front Dana 60 means that this van turns significantly tighter than if it had an earlier leaf sprung axle under it.

The stance, height, wheel and tire combo, and “Super Duty”style nose on the van are all working very well for us. No, it does not have a diesel engine. The van has a 5.4L modular engine in the stubby nose.

Here’s an owner breakdown of the 4wd system – 

New F-350 Dana 60 Differential with locking hubs
New Front Coil Springs
Bilstien 5100 Shocks
New Steering linkage
New Front Brakes
New Driveshafts
New Transfercase
Manual Transfercase Floor Shifter
4wd Engagement Light on Dash
Bushwacker Fender Flairs
Steel Rear Wheel Adapters
Toyo Open Country MT 275/65/20 (at your recommendation) on KMC XD 778 Monster 20″ Wheels
Automatic Transmission Rebuild & Service (transmission shift kit installed along with new clutches, gaskets/seals, and updates)

What do you think? Way neater than the average four wheel drive van, right?


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