Mothers Of Invention: A Video Bonanza Featuring The Weirdest Home-Brewed Snow Plowing Vehicles We Could Find

Mothers Of Invention: A Video Bonanza Featuring The Weirdest Home-Brewed Snow Plowing Vehicles We Could Find

I honestly like winter. I mean I hate the no racing part, the fact that it is dark by the time lunch is over, the days where doors of cars are completely frozen shut, and the fact that I have to say a Rosary for Nutting every time he heads off into the frigid darkness in that clap trap old Monte Carlo of his. One of the major reasons I like winter is snow. As a kid I have fond memories of riding around with my dad in his various trucks plowing driveways and various parking lots. Nodding off only to have the plow’s trip edge catch a manhole cover and then basically heave the whole front of the rig into the air, pushing windrows of “white gold” around until the whole place looked neat and tidy, getting into screaming matches with random people who accused pop of pushing snow onto their front lawns….ahhhh, good times.

I’ve been sadly lacking in the snow moving machinery department. My jones for a tractor with a loader on it grows to bad levels every winter so I always cruise Craigslist and other outlets for deals on something that I could “sell” to my wife as a winter tool for clearing our driveway. So far the shovel is as far as I have gotten on this, but I’ll persist. I dug up a video of a guy who attached a plow to the front of a Dodge AWD mini-van and was planning on running it, but when Nutting sent me a guy who did the same with a Subaru and as it turns out there are snow plowing freaks all over YouTube so here’s a video bonanza showing some of our favorites. While most of these don’t have power angling action, they sure beat the daylights out of shovelgin!

This is cool home made thinking and maybe that’s another reason I love winter. People have plenty of time indoors to drink up ideas like these.


This AWD Dodge mini-van with a plow grafted to it is genius and seemingly unstoppable. It really works well in this video. You could plow with the whole family, which would be a horrible idea because the kids would be bored in seconds and begging to go home when you had 8 more hours of snow pushing to go. 

Of course Nutting found this little AWD Subaru plow working on a driveway. It is as capable as the mini-van but not as cool unless you are a Subaru fan in which case this thing is amazing. 

Looking for complete “ice pimp” status? Stop right here and enjoy the luxurious stylings of this Lincoln snow plow. Front wheel drive, leather seats, a V6 engine, and some Mike Bolton on the phonograph inside. Pass the Courvoisier! 

Because he is clearly a dude with way too much time on his hands, the same guy that came up with the Lincoln plow built this unit that he mounted to the rear of a mini-van. He claims he (literally) had $2.00 tied up in the whole operation. It is cool but the Lincoln wins. 

I have never wanted a Civic…until now. This little car is a BOSS in the snow with the plow simply shoving all the white stuff out of the way. It is like a little tank!

When it comes to custom snow plowing rigs, no one beats the Russians. This cobbled together pile of bizarreness is part tractor, part old car, part discarded A-Team prop, and all vodka fueled, BangShift Approved greatness. Boris! To The Plow Car!

Here’s a VW Golf that looks as capable as the Honda. The background music is horrendous in this one. Probably Russian as well. 

Dead people once road in here, now it just makes winter its bitch. 


Yes, this is a company that actually makes a kit to put a plow on a Smart car. Skip to 1:50 into see it work!


We included this one as a how NOT to do it. C’amon man! Wood? You have shamed your family. 

Here’s the capper! Boss snowplows sponsors a road racing car and they outfitted it with a plow and sand spreader. This is a 5th gen Camaro! While we don’t see it pushing snow we do see it hauling ass with the equipment on it and that’s good enough for us. This is wild and it looks bad ass!

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