This Video Showing The History Of Every Unimog Ever Is Amazing – Historical Footage

This Video Showing The History Of Every Unimog Ever Is Amazing – Historical Footage

Our constant fawning over the mighty Mercedes Unimog is not unfounded. These trucks were designed to be a “do all” vehicle for farmers after Germany was getting its act back together following WWII and over the years the have evolved into the most capable, adaptable, Swiss-Army knife on wheels the world has ever seen. From pushing plows through the dirt to working as combines, snow blows, backhoes, fire trucks, wreckers, dump trucks, military vehicles, campers, locomotives, and virtually every other role known to man, the Unimog has proved itself to be efficient at all of it. There has never been a concern for flash and dash. Hell, there has never EVER been a concern for dash but the engineering focus has always centered around functionality.

Whether that meant having he grunt and beed to perform the jobs on the farm or having the height, traction, and articulation to handle terrain that forestry workers and the military needed to cover, the question was never “how does it look?” The best part of this video is how it shows literally every model that has ever been produced in the Unimog lineup. From the wee versions that got the series going to the evolutionary process that made them more pleasurable to operate, more easily adapted to other jobs, and more efficient, the logic employed by engineers as they learned what worked and what didn’t can clearly be seen.

The reason we love stuff like the unbroken chain of Unimogs is because they are machines that represent a kind of linear evolution, a growth of intelligence and understanding, that few things do. Most forms of organized racing that have been around for 50 years also illustrate this point but the Unimog does it with a big square jaw, diesel power, and a yeoman’s attitude that cannot be beat.

You can dream about your muscle cars, super cars, and exotics. I’ll forever dream about owning a Unimog with a loader bucket and a backhoe on it. Truth!

Press play to see the full (and concise) history of the Unimog from day one to today

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One thought on “This Video Showing The History Of Every Unimog Ever Is Amazing – Historical Footage

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    One Unimog never made was the Unimog AMG – can you imagine a 6.3 liter V8 monster declaring war on whatever terrain it covered. That would be a sight to see and maybe just maybe Mercedes will see the light and the hills will be alive with the sound of hooning!

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