OMIX-ADA Releases Statement Regarding Product Searches and Seizures In Las Vegas

OMIX-ADA Releases Statement Regarding Product Searches and Seizures In Las Vegas

It was big news at the 2016 SEMA show when federal marshals came into the event and shut down the displays of eight companies accused of creating knock off parts. The company that was being copied, OMIX-ADA is a manufacturer of Jeep products predominantly and they are the ones who sought legal avenues to stop the offenders.

The company has released a statement regarding their action and the situation. Read it below.

Here’s the statement from OMIX-ADA –

On Tuesday, November 2, the US Marshal’s office conducted a search and seizure of a variety of automotive aftermarket products as part of US District Court, Civil Complaint number 2:16-cv-02527-APG-CWH, due to claimed infringements of Omix-ADA®‘s patents and trademarks on products sold under the Rugged Ridge® brand. Based upon showing that it was likely to succeed on the merits of its claims for patent and trademark infringement, the district court granted Omix-ADA a restraining order against the certain parts suppliers that led to the search and seizure.

The seizures took place at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show and Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo(AAPEX), taking place this week in Las Vegas. Omix-ADA worked hand-in-hand with show management teams to follow clear guidelines designed to help combat infringing product at the show, which was enhanced with the court order. Counterfeit product and copyright infringement is in direct violation of SEMA and AAPEX policies and the managing parties have taken appropriate action to remove violating exhibitors from the premises.

As a dedicated exhibitor, Omix-ADA would like to thank SEMA and AAPEX management for their help and cooperation in working with the company to help protect its patent and trademark rights, as well as the aftermarket customers. Omix-ADA is also pursuing litigation with several companies selling infringing product at various online retailers.

The company views counterfeiting and infringement as a serious and widespread problem in the aftermarket industry and one that can be combatted through proper legal channels, and would encourage other members of the aftermarket industry to follow a similar path.



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3 thoughts on “OMIX-ADA Releases Statement Regarding Product Searches and Seizures In Las Vegas

  1. cyclone03

    The public shaming of being dragged out of SEMA has got to hurt a little too….

    Great work SEMA,AAPEX and US Marshals.

    Now tell us who the sham company is so we can insure we are not buying thier crap.

    1. Brandon

      Rugged ridge was not the company that was busted. They are the company that was being ripped off. Omit-ada and Rugged Ridge are one in the same.

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