Painfully Stupid Video: Watch An Amazing Towing Failure From (We Think) Russia

Painfully Stupid Video: Watch An Amazing Towing Failure From (We Think) Russia

Cue the music and bring in the clowns because this video is as close to a circus as anything you’ll see today. We think it was filmed in Russia but perhaps we are wrong and if we are, by all means let us know about that. Anyway, the scene is pretty typical. We have a little truck with a flatbed on it and a couple of guys setting things up to load a small car onto the back of the truck. We’re not sure if this thing began life as a tow truck or if it was modified later into tow duty with the steep ramps we can see the “lead” guy setting up.

Once the car is lined up and the ramps are laid out, it looks like a simple job of simply driving the vehicle in a straight line onto the truck. The guy driving the car apparently decided that he would need some steam behind him to get up the ramps so he decks the gas and essentially climbs said ramps at Evel Knievel launch speed level, runs face furst into the back of the cab, and then the whole works flops off the side of the truck, landing on the (American anyway) driver’s side door. The best part of the video is that while the car sits there and smokes, no one checks on or seems to care about the fact that someone is in the crashed car. The video cuts before anyone so much looks into the window to check on the man’s condition. You’ve got to love it.


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8 thoughts on “Painfully Stupid Video: Watch An Amazing Towing Failure From (We Think) Russia

  1. GuitarSlinger

    Welcome to the ‘ new ‘ Soviet Union . Pretty much the same as the old Soviet Union … only with Vlad the Impaler now at the helm 😉

    It amazes me how many Americans are so absolutely clueless as to how bad things there really are and always have been since 1919

    But like I said … Welcome back to the good ole ‘ Cold War ‘ lads …. Same as it ever was . Same as it ever will be … Oh well … that ought to ramp up our War Machine’s efforts a fair piece … bringing a few new jobs back into the market place

    1. 75Duster

      I have to disagree with you on that GuitarSlinger, as Obama is cutting our military down to pre- WW2 size. The only thing Obama is increasing is his vacation and golf time on the taxpayer’s dime.

      1. Beaver Martin

        As a member of the military I must say there are cuts, however as always they are personnel cuts almost exclusively. The reason is us Soldiers can be replaced easily. Lost money to military contractors however is lost forever. The main driving force behind this “new cold war” is the military industrial complex itself. With every congress person having some component to a combat system built in their district, ex top generals at the helm of major corporations, and the top 1% of earners having their pockets lined one can fully expect the fear mongering to ramp up soon. Eisenhower (and the founders) were right.

        1. Beaver Martin

          Sorry to get all soap boxy on everyone. There’s just a lot of misinformation out there. The video was great, gives new meaning to “just give it a little gas.” In his defense maybe it was a Toyota with unintended acceleration Haha.

    2. John

      Have you ever been to Russia GuitarSlinger or are you one of those clueless ‘mericans? A close friend of mine teaches in Moscow. Everything I hear from him is that the US media makes Russia out to be bad and the US people eat it up. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s pretty bad here in the states. The roads are horrible. The schools are horrible. The infrastructure is crumbling. The politicians only care about themselves. To paraphrase Nacho Libre, we got it real good.

  2. Rob

    FUNNIEST SHIT I’VE SEEN IN AGES – I laughed so much my sides are ACHING !!

    The Guy launches the car like he’s leaving a bank job – FUNNY AS , CLEARLY NO IDEA.

  3. checker

    I’m not even sure that bed is long enough for the cars wheelbase. Plus that car wasn’t going on that flat bed like that — way too much angle at the top of the ramps. Not sure exactly what was going on here, but it appears the driver is knocked out because he doesn’t climb out and they’re not helping him out either.

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