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Huge Upcoming Oklahoma Auction Has Hundreds Of Old American Cars – Hot Rod Project Galore

Huge Upcoming Oklahoma Auction Has Hundreds Of Old American Cars – Hot Rod Project Galore

Chuy Nava from MSD Performance tipped us off about this amazing auction that is set to take place in Oklahoma come early June (the 7th to be exact). The auction is not filled with pristine, ready to run cars, but it is filled with more than 200 classic hunks of American iron with varying levels of rust, neglect, and patina. Really we’re looking at an auction that hot rodders and restoration guys will be freaking out about because of the “bones” that these cars seem to have. The company executing the auction is the same that did the famed Lambrecht auction last summer, VanDerBrink Auctions. Their website claims that this is a 250 car sale and and includes things like an aluminum 1939 Lincoln. Yowza!

If you are thinking that these auctions and big collections are showing up for sale at an ever increasing rate, you are right. Think about it. We have a rapidly aging population and there are LOTS of old guys who bought piles and piles of cars, parts, and assorted neat junk when it was virtually worthless all those years ago. The 250 cars that will be sold out to this “collection” in Oklahoma were individually purchased for next to nothing decades ago as used cars, broken down cars, or jalopies that people simply wanted to get rid of. Fast forward 40-50 years and here we are, looking at what gearheads would consider a “gold mine”.  The truly crazy part of this whole thing is that we’ve not yet begun to scratch the surface of what will be coming over the next 10-15 years as more and more of these old guys head off to the scrap heap in the sky. The market may literally get flooded with all of this stuff.

We’re very interested to see collections like this one in Oklahoma come up for sale more frequently as their owners pass and disinterested family members look to make a profit on the remains of their forefathers’ passion. Sad in some respects, but as interested spectators, we can’t but help to wonder what’s next.


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4 thoughts on “Huge Upcoming Oklahoma Auction Has Hundreds Of Old American Cars – Hot Rod Project Galore

  1. starterguy

    Unfortunately the scrap dealer will make out the best. Most of these are “more door” models that no one wants and will probably meet their fate.

  2. Moparpoor

    I think you will be surprised what the cars bring ? The supply of old cars is drying up. I have seen lots of older 4 dr rigs getting restored, or custom, or rat rod, as it is getting hard to find material to work with, we will have to see how it goes.

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