The Horrible Welding Continues! This is An Epidemic! More Globs Of Fail Inside

The Horrible Welding Continues! This is An Epidemic! More Globs Of Fail Inside

Yesterday, after running the blog item about the horrid welding job on the gas tank the guys at RideTech spotted, we sent our an APB asking for your photos of horrid welding jobs. The first guy to answer the call was welder/fabricator Dave Beard who operates and Performance Automotive Welding which is up the road a piece form our eastern world HQ. Dave sent along the below photo with this following note –

“This is a caliper mount bracket on a FED (front engine dragster) that a customer of mine recently bought. The whole car was welded in similar fashion. Needless to say, he bought one of my chassis kits and is building a complete new car.”

We didn’t ask Dave if he took a couple of swings, or a single swing with a three pound hammer to knock that bracket right off of there but it sure looks like it would do down without much of a fight. There seems to be absolutely no penetration of the welds into any surface and they are laid on so amazingly thick, the “more is better” school of thought was apparently in play here. Judging by all the little balls you can see on the weld, someone burned through about 16 miles of MIG wire on this operation. It probably would have failed and left the dragster driver with no brakes at the top end of the track. Yikes, scary stuff.

Click here to see horrible welding on a gas tank

Click here to see horrible welding on an ATV

brake welding

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9 thoughts on “The Horrible Welding Continues! This is An Epidemic! More Globs Of Fail Inside

  1. Rob

    YIKES – The guy probably hasn’t got around to sand/blend the weld for a totally finished look. LOL

    TRULY SCARY – Imagine what the rest of the frame was like. All GOOD I’m sure,BRO.

  2. Brian

    Yikes reminds me of the “motor mounts” i removed from my old Cutlass when i bought it one piece of half inch plate kinda sorta tacked to the frame with a piece of iron pipe welded to that for the bolt to pass through, one smack from a small hammer had them out in seconds.

  3. Kohala Iron Works

    Surprised this FED was even allowed on the track…my 11 year old son can weld better than that & I didn’t even teach him how to weld yet…

  4. Silver68RT

    Why would you buy something with welds that looked like that in the first place? That’s never going to pass tech.

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