You Pick it: Want The Ratty and Cool Big Rig Or The Wild Looking Ramp Truck?

You Pick it: Want The Ratty and Cool Big Rig Or The Wild Looking Ramp Truck?

These are some of the last images I shot during my time at the 2017 SEMA show. Chad and I were wandering around in the waning hours of Friday afternoon and we happened to remember an area that we had not visited yet. There are cars and trucks all over the place at the show and we failed to check out the area outside the back of the main show hall. Once we got out there we looked over some stuff and then came around the corner to spot the two gems you are about to look at below.

There’s a lot to dig about these two trucks. The ramp truck is the most obvious because, well, it’s a ramp truck! That being said, we’re wondering what is going to be loaded onto the back of this thing because that ramp is pretty steep. A lowered car is never going to make it up that deal without some serious cribbing. A higher riding hot rod or classic truck would look cool on there as anything would really. As you will see, the build quality on the thing appears to be high and we think that the unique look of the Task Force era front end Chevy trucks is perfect. We have no idea what color that it will be painted but whatever it is, the looks are dramatic. The engine is a modern diesel and the trans is a modern automatic overdrive job. It’ll go down the road nicely!

The second truck is a laid out, ratty looking International rig that while kind of ugly is cool as hell. As you’ll see the nose has been widened as have the rear fenders. We’re guessing that there is modern stuff under the truck that precipitated both of those moves. As best we can tell the engine is a Cummins and the transmission is an automatic. The little cab is still pretty claustro when we looked through the windows. Yes, the sleeper is functional and we’re guessing that makes it a little more roomy in there but it is tight quarters. We could go without the spiked lug nuts but there isn’t much we’d change on the truck other than the name on the title!

Now…which one do you want?

Scroll down to see the photos of these two rigs we spotted behind the SEMA show!

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