SEMA 2014: The Coolest Trucks On Display In The Truck Hall (Part 1)

SEMA 2014: The Coolest Trucks On Display In The Truck Hall (Part 1)

One of the things that some people use to tell how “big” at SEMA show is entails checking out the truck and truck accessory hall. In leaner years, there would be a fair amount of space left at the back of this enormous room and some odd booths sprinkled within it. By now you have probably heard lots of people talking about big SEMA 2014 was and I am here to tell you that there wasn’t a square inch of space left in the cavernous hall. There were more companies and more different products than I had ever seen in this building before. Long story short, it was glorious. See, Chad blocks my access to this fantasy land claiming that we have “business meetings” all week and I “need to be in them so we can make a living”. I comply of course, but by the middle of the week, I count the minutes before I am able to walk literally every square inch of space in that hall.

There were more truck equipment companies than I knew existed in there this year. From winches and axles to bumpers, lifts, and dress up stuff, it was truckin’ heaven from front to back and side to side. I shot so many photos up there, I decided to put them into two groups, broken up only by the order that they were shot. Some of the highlights in this collection? Well the Ram in the lead photo could have been my favorite truck in the whole place. The work truck vibe combined with the stout off-roader look is a winner every time at the Lohnes house. The crazy Jeep below was also an eye-catcher because of the kicked up fenders and 54″ tires. Hemi power was present and it had all the personality of a vehicle you’d love to run down zombies in when that whole scene kicks off.

There’s a lifted Colorado truck in here and that’s awesome because they haven’t actually started selling them yet. BDS suspension lifts had that truck in their booth and it was a looker for sure. Hey, if you love trucks this will be the first part of two photo collections. You’ll see the second one tomorrow.

SEMA 2014 trucks060

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6 thoughts on “SEMA 2014: The Coolest Trucks On Display In The Truck Hall (Part 1)

  1. mooseface

    Couple of cool rigs in there, but far too many bro-trucks.
    I guess that’s just the way things go.

  2. Tim

    The FC was cool but the rest sucked. Looks like a bunch of toddlers with crayons designed some of these trucks. What happened to trucks that looked like trucks, drove like trucks and were real trucks? Now they have heated seats, power windows, AC and six cupholders. Bunch of pansies.

  3. D.J

    These photos show what’s wrong with the pickup truck accessories after market. All most all of the manufacturers / retailers are living in the fantasy world created by ICON. Congrats to PAC ( Jeep buggy) for displaying a working vehicle that uses their products.

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