The Sherp Is A Weird And Unstoppable Russian Truck

The Sherp Is A Weird And Unstoppable Russian Truck

We’re way late to the party on this thing but we had to tell you about it because it just so freaking amazing and BangShifty. This is the Sherp, ATV developed in Russia for people who want to drive where no one has ever driven before, literally. Amphibious and seemingly unstoppable it combines some really awesome thinking with unique looks and a tank-like approach that is at once simply and brutally Russian and also pretty innovative. This is problem solving at its finest and it isn’t all about blunt force trauma.

Power comes from a 44hp Kubota diesel engine which is a good thing because that little mill will sip fuel and run until the end of time. The Sherp has a five speed transmission and as best we can tell the suspension consists of whatever the air pressure is in the huge “semi-paddle” tires. We’re not sure exactly what to call the tires other than awesome. Their paddle-like tread allows this thing to dominate every surface from snow to sand to water as seen here. We’re not sure how they would handle rocks but we have seen another video that appears to show the vehicle using a central tire inflation/deflation system that would be good for using to air down over rougher and more jagged terrain.

The Sherp will make 27mph on smooth ground and just about 4mph on the water. According to the company that builds them they sit/sleep four people. The weight of the vehicle comes in at just under 3,000lbs and as you can see in the video below, the tires provide more than enough buoyancy for it to love the water. Fully loaded with equipment it may float a little lower than it does with just a couple of guys in the front but unless you are trying to take one in the open ocean it should be nothing to worry about.

There are no really good pieces of footage from inside the cab but this sure looks to steer like a tank or a skid-steer tractor. At points you can clearly see the Sherp rotate on its own axis with one set of tires running forward and the other running backwards. Control sticks or a wheel? We simply do not know but we’d love to find out!

11ft long, eight feet wide, and just under eight feet tall, the proportions of the thing are one of the reasons that this rig comes off as being so endearing. It looks like something you could have pushed around on the living room floor as a kid or designed on a notebook when you were ignoring a teacher in high school.

Long story short this looks like about as much fun as one can possibly have on four wheels. We’d give a left arm to take this thing and 100 gallons of fuel into the wilderness for a few days of exploration and fun.

Thanks to all the readers who send video links in on the Sherp. Amazing!

Press play below to see the amazing Russian Sherp truck dominate all terrain –

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  1. sbg

    Sherp is $50,000 and you can buy it from your local western or eastern Canadian dealer. US versions are the same price, but have a different motor. They just demonstrated one of those at a SAR expo a couple weeks ago.

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