Somebody Built A Honda Accord Dually And Now They Want You To Buy It

Somebody Built A Honda Accord Dually And Now They Want You To Buy It

Every single person I know, plus relatives, and even a distant cousin we assumed had been eaten by cannibals sent me emails, texts, or carrier pigeon notes on the existence of this car and the fact that it was for sale. For that I am eternally thankful (doubly so for the cannibal guy). Going forward from there I’d have to say that mental illness manifests itself in all sorts of different ways. Some people grow long beards, some guys like J-body Chryslers, and even others like old slow tractors. There’s a special class of people however that do this. “This” refers to the 1998 Honda Accord that has been made into some sort of tribute to a dually pickup truck. We have no reason to believe that this was a movie prop or something built by aliens and dropped here as a social experiment. Nope, this was someone’s vision come to life…and now it could be yours.

The seller’s name is Jimmy and here’s what Jimmy lists on Craigslist:

alright for sale is something that you will never see again
and might have to see to believe. its a highly customized 1998 honda accord.
it has 125k on it. there is a long list of custom work

whelen off road spot lights
44 inch off road spot and flood bar
chevy visor
cab lights
8 cb wips
back up beeper
boat air horns
custom paint
pa speaker
smoke stack exhaust
pintle hitch
rear dually and deally fenders.
dodge tow mirrors

there is nothing wrong with the car just want to see if i can sell it for anything.
will trade or consider reasonable offers.


Maybe we could deal with the dually wheels. Maybe we could deal with the pintle hitch. Maybe, just maybe we could get past the Dodge tow mirrors, but the eight CB antennas? That’s two too many and everyone knows that. Hey, I’m reasonably sure that this Honda throws more light off of it than any Accord ever made thanks to the light bars and stuff, so there’s that.

Just look at the photos and fear for the fact that someone could buy this and that it may allow Jimmy to set his sights on another innocent vehicle…although him tearing up Accords may actually be a good thing in the end.


dually1 dually2 dually3 dually4


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30 thoughts on “Somebody Built A Honda Accord Dually And Now They Want You To Buy It

  1. John T

    um…… that’s weird….. when I glanced at the first pik I assumed he’d made some kind of pickup but nope….; sedan….Then I looked at his list of mods.. now normally a person would list the big stuff then dwindle down to the little stuff – the order he lists stuff kinda gives an impression of what he sees as the most important mods… again, weird…

    Finally, one mod he doesn’t mention is the uber strange tailpipe which sort of reminds you of those odd Japanese modded cars.

    Some of the odd cars you show you end up thinking what an idiot the owner must be – the picture this one paints of `Jimmy ‘ is someone I don’t ever want to meet…

  2. mooseface

    Buy it for 200 bucks, cage it and take it to 24 Hours of Lemons. Guaranteed win: everybody else would be too busy laughing or staring.

          1. s13hatch1990

            Does it matter who built the car?? Why would you want the credit for that? You have to be a complete moron to waste time and money on such trash.

  3. Brad Hatfield

    I always thought the ricer boy racers were the ones that grew up to buy smokey diesels, now we have the missing link in that chain.

    1. Derek

      It’s quite simple, really. This one didn’t make it to the oilfields. Maybe he failed the pee-test?

    1. Ian

      Funny you should ask, I’m a member of that forum and was uncomfortably close to where the Taurus stayed for a while. I think you guys would do a better job then what happened with the Taurus. Too many damm do-gooders here.

  4. mike

    that thing is weird as all get out.. I agree a good 24 hours of lemons candidate.. also how many freaking antennas does one need?

    1. Gregg68

      apparently eight … one for each finger (see Roger’s comment regarding lack of family tree branching)

  5. That guy

    Dude that as is bs the kid that built this car is a jr in highschool in Connecticut he tried selling the car once for 4k but then we took the doors off and the dual tires and went missing till we put a rock through the oil pan the kids name is Matt everyone in ct tries to say it’s theirs. It’s not

  6. zach

    I know the person who built this it was made in CONNECTICUT not LA and has since been sent to the junk yard in the pic it even has.CT plates this jimmy person is a liar it also was a automatic not manual as the add says also the light bars werent functional and it didnt have boat horns they were pep boy air horns smfh

  7. Nick

    This car was totalled. I know the person who used to own it and his name isn’t Jimmy. If you want to buy this car go to the junkyard.

  8. andrew

    this jimmy guy is a fake. my little 17 year old brother built this car and we can prove that by the tickets he got here in Guilford ct. whoever is claiming they made it id like to have a nice talk with. my brother studies machining here in Guilford and put a lot of hard work and custom fabricated parts into this beast and its sad whoever is saying they created it

  9. D

    The kid who built this thing is awesome. Jimmy has no clue what he’s talking about cause he had nothing to do with creating this car.

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