The Max Grundy Designed Chevrolet Hauler Known As ODIN Is For Sale – Incredible

The Max Grundy Designed Chevrolet Hauler Known As ODIN Is For Sale – Incredible

We’re big fans of well known hot rod artists and designer Max Grundy. The guy has a thing with big trucks that we love and he has a design style and vision that really suits our tastes. Case in point, a truck called ODIN that he designed is now for sale on eBay. Most of the automotive artists you think of would not exactly be leaping at the chance to put their tweak on a 1955 Chevrolet 5400 truck but Max not only did, he completely elevated the look and feel of this truck into something that we never knew was even possible. The stance, the lines, the color combo, this is a class act from front to back. Hell, the decking on the hauler bed is an artist’s dream all on it’s own.

In the fashion of every great custom, the alterations may not be readily apparent to the regular guy on the street but once you start to notice them, they come at you like a torrent. Also, like any great custom the alterations have been made in such a way that they all work in concert with each other to create a unique and beautiful package unlike anything we have ever seen.

The cab was chopped three inches, the steps and front bumper were all extended downward to give the truck a more industrial look and presence, a Duramax/automatic combo powers the truck, and as you can imagine there was plenty of restoration work to be done on the cab as well. We are guessing that the whole hauler bed was custom built from scratch. We just love the details on it. The slab sides, the way that it finishes under the deck, the storage compartments, and everything else just makes us drool.

The interior is freaking amazing as well. Lots of photos and stuff on the eBay ad as well as the asking price. $225,000…yowza!

Check out the images below and then hit the link for the full eBay ad –

grundy1 grundy2 grundy3 grundy4 grundy5 grundy6 grundy7


EBAY LINK: Max Grundy Designed Chevrolet Hauler Known As ODIN

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10 thoughts on “The Max Grundy Designed Chevrolet Hauler Known As ODIN Is For Sale – Incredible

  1. john

    Nice truck but…how does one get a car on the bed? Loading ramps would need to be as long or longer than the bed. That could cause a lot of YouTube moments which….we would love to see.

  2. LoneWolf 573

    nice truck–but not for that kind of money. Where the bed sticks out past the back.they could have trimmed it out and made it look a little nicer . Looks very un-finished

  3. 3rd Generation

    Useless and impractical for the price of about 3-5 usable, insurable, DOT inspectable ‘cool’ Real Haulers (with paint on them) you could actually use as intended. I’ll stop short of labeling this thing ‘Junk’, but that term crossed-my-mind. One Mans’ Opinion.

    Get Real.

  4. Matt Cramer

    I’m also trying to figure out how you’re supposed to get a car onto it. If the bed split in the middle at the aluminum strip and the back part extended backwards, that might sort of make sense and explain the overhang – but it would make more sense if the bed moved as a solid unit.

  5. Blu67RS

    I’d be afraid at that money, to scratch it up, if you could get a car on it. It’s also a little to big, for my living room, to use as a coffee table to prop my feet on….so I’ll pass on it…….

  6. David c

    I about fell out of my chair when I saw the price. An over rated artist created an impractical piece of work. What’s up with the rear over hang thing? Weird! Atleast it should have a bad ass paint job.

  7. Threedoor

    It would work if there were a roll back inside the bed sides but the taillights and the square tube overhang would have to go. I love the Viking cab trucks, this one dosent look functional even if it does look badass.

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