This Could Be The Nicest Crosley Farm-O-Road Left And It Is For Sale!

This Could Be The Nicest Crosley Farm-O-Road Left And It Is For Sale!

The Crosley Farm-O-Road is one of those weird vehicular examples of something that seems like a complete joke but was actually brilliant and functional. This little machine was basically the forerunner of today’s UTVs except it was more awkward looking, smaller, and by and large just kind of weird. Powered by the same little “sheetmetal” Crosley four banger that powered the company’s cars, it could be driven at speeds approaching 60mph (can you believe that?!) and with the PTO could run a number of small implements, pull small plows, and be an all-purpose vehicle for the farmer who had a little plot of land and an equally small budget.

This one is pretty special because it was half of the pair of prototypes made by the factory to send to shows and events. Restored to immaculate condition and then sold to the current owners at auction, it is an example of a vehicle most of the universe forgot every existed in the first place.

While the words may paint a strange picture of these little ruffians, the photos and advertising from the time do a far better job of driving that point home. These were odd even for their time and we’re kind of amazed that 200 people actually sprang for them even for the robust price of $750.00. Incidentally, that $750 in 1952 translates into $6,600 in today’s money. When you look at what’s available for used machines in today’s world for $6,600 you’ll start to understand part of the Farm O Road’s issue. We love the photos of the little truck-tor carting the family to town, especially with the, ummm, robustly built woman in the back we have stuck down below.


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6 thoughts on “This Could Be The Nicest Crosley Farm-O-Road Left And It Is For Sale!

  1. Eric

    This was recently for auction on Bring a Trailer back on 9/16.

    Bidding reached $16899 … no sale.

    $25k ask is crack pipe.

  2. bill

    “My standard disclaimer/mantra for any car regardless of service or price: The car is sold with no warranty.”
    25k…..drugs make you say the stupidest things. and for 25k it ought to be delivered in a rolls Royce. another b-j fool.

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    This was actually NOT originally built by Crosley!

    What really happened was that a Crosley employee had just taken delivery of a Mini Moke. He didn’t have room for it in his garage and left it outside. There was a violent night-long thunderstorm and the poor Moke actually shrunk. He took it to work the next day and O’l Boss Crosley was so impressed he ordered a whole lot of Mini Mokes and paid the local Fire Department to give them all a damn good soaking. BMC found out about this and promptly cut off his supply line.

    Which is why there were so few built…

    1. P. Dennis

      Have been a Crosley \”fan\” for years !!! Been to their national car meets in Wauseon,OH and a vendor at some those meets. Farm-O-Road WAS built by Crosley!!! The little \”jeep\” looking vehicles were also used during the Korean war as they were fast, small and more easily maneuverable in the jungle and other war \”fields\”. they were also used in many cities in America for utility \”trucks\” because of their durability, size and again, speed. Obviously you didn\’t do your \”homework\” before writing this statement, which is untrue. As to the engine, it was a little cast IRON 4 cylinder, not \”sheetmetal\”, do you good to be more careful about what you say. May be a Free country with freedom of speech, but, slander is still not acceptable.
      Nice try for a smear, just not gonna hook everyone with it!

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