King Of The Hammers Photo Coverage Continues! 100 More Photos Of Trucks And Rocks

King Of The Hammers Photo Coverage Continues! 100 More Photos Of Trucks And Rocks

We’ve got tons more photos from Nitto King of the Hammers 2017, powered by Optima Batteries, and we want to share them all with you so here is the next installment. Another 100 of our 1000 photos that we know you will dig. Some are sequences, some on the rocks, some in the dirt, some on the lakebed. There is a lot going on at King of the Hammers, regardless of whether you are on track or in the pits. We couldn’t stay away from the action on track though and have plenty of great shots from Back Door, Chocolate Thunder, and more. Nope, we’re not making this up, and yes we know how bad it sounds. Those are the names, we just shoot the photos. If you missed any of our photos so far, don’t worry, the links below will get you to the galleries you missed.

If you like fabrication, off-road action, adventures, and amazing natural surroundings, King of the Hammers is your jam. The barren OHV park at Johnson Valley is an amazing mix of sand, dirt, gravel, rocks, bigger rocks, bigger big rocks, and everything in between. You will find no trees here. You will find only little bits of green. In fact it looks like a far away planet in a lot of ways. But it has it’s own beauty that can only be described as awesome. And while Johnson Valley is a VERY popular off-roading destination, the shear number of people that descend onto the dry lake bed in the center of it during King of the Hammers is awe inspiring.

Every year, Hammertown, USA is build as the Fastest Growing City in America as over a week it goes from zero to eleventy jillion enthusiasts. With them come side by sides, quads, dirt bikes, Jeeps, buggies, trucks, SUV’s, home built contraptions, and much much more. And while some of them drive out to the festivities under their own power, the majority show up on trailers, inside toy haulers, or behind motorhomes of some form or fashion. It’s awesome to see.

And while criss crossing the valley behind the wheel of my Nissan Frontier four door pickup, with 4-wheel drive, I drooled over all of it. But the real reason I was there, and the thing you’ll get to check out in 10 galleries featuring 1000 photos, is the Nitto King of the Hammers powered by Optima Batteries. This year’s race was just over 180 miles, featuring three lapse around Johnson Valley and Lucerne Valley, across lake beds as speeds over 100 mph, up sand hills, down rock canyons, up rock canyons, through dirt and dust and terrain that put every vehicle to the limit. It is commonly revered as a race that is a victory if you finish. It starts at 8 am and the fastest guys will finish around 3-3:30 pm. There are pit stops, and lots of repairs, but ultimately it’s about going over whatever is in front of you as quickly as possible. And not getting lost along the way.




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    All of these action pictures were taken at one of the rock crawling / spectator areas known as “Back Door”.

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