Watch This 16V92 Detroit Diesel Powered Hot Rod Fire Up – One Huge Coupe

Watch This 16V92 Detroit Diesel Powered Hot Rod Fire Up – One Huge Coupe

Somewhere in the world, right now, at this very second, there is a 16V92 Detroit Diesel hot rod being built and there is video proof that the big machine actually runs and makes incredible noise below. From the looks of the guy who is building/having this machine built he’s a total dieselholic. He has a Chevy Nova with a 6.5 diesel in it, at least one pulling truck with an oil burner making the power, and many of his videos are of trucks and tractors all powered by smoke belchin’ diesels. He seems to be located in Europe going off of the locations of the pulls he has attended. There are a couple videos made in Canada as well so we’re taking a shot there.

The whole “insane humongous diesel hot rod” thing has been going on for a while now and as you know, we’re fans. When you hear what this 16V92 Detroit sounds like when it is fired up (with an air starter), you’ll be on board as well. Before settling into a normal idle the truck has an absolutely wicked lope. Between the sound of the air starter and the sound of the engine, this is very cool stuff.

You can see the body on the car and the front grill and how it all ties together. Once painted and finished, the machine should be a looker, especially with the giant Detroit Diesel engine being the centerpiece of the operation. In case you were wondering, the car should absolutely haul ass. With the turbos, we’re estimating horsepower to be in the 800-1,000 range and torque is estimated to be some absolutely off the charts stupid huge number. Braking should be pretty epic as well with all the weight of the big rig body gone and all the big stoppers still intact.

These big cars aren’t for everyone but they sure are for us! We’re going to keep an eye on this monster to see it come together and pay attention to how they finish things like the wheels, how they paint it, and what the interior is going to be like. We want to drive it!

Press Play Below To See A Monster¬†16V92 Detroit Diesel Powered Hot Rod Fire Up –

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5 thoughts on “Watch This 16V92 Detroit Diesel Powered Hot Rod Fire Up – One Huge Coupe

  1. John T

    hmmmmmmm….not wanting to diss someone elses passion but just doesn’t do it for me… the things friggin enormous, , the proportions are pretty bad ( look at the size of the cab to the overall car, and the cab / body just looks weird. ) Having said that , it does have a very tough vibe to it and that idle / lope is cool. I dunno, I’ve never really been into the radical rat rod look, and I’m really not a big fan of diesels at the best of times. I do appreciate the dare to be different aspect though.


    These big diesel builds don’t do it for me. I can appreciate the craftmanship, skill and know how to put one together and make it work..I just dont see the point I guess….and hypocrytical as that may be.

  3. Jay Bree

    Great ride… you can look at those guys faces watching that primordial monster and just SEE them thinking “WTF have we done here…!”

    Would love to see it heading down the local 2 lane…

  4. Kurt Nixon

    Love the 2 stroke Detroits! Nothing sounds like them. I worked with the 6V92’s and 8V92’s in busses during the 80’s. The “92” means each cylinder is 92 cubic inches. So….16 cylinders X 92 cubic inches equals 1472 Cubic Inches or 24 Liters!! I’d bet you could take the horsepower number and times it by 3 and that would be a good ball park number on how much torque it has.

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