Watch This Massive Heavy Haul Load Make A 90-Degree Right Perfectly

Watch This Massive Heavy Haul Load Make A 90-Degree Right Perfectly

You’ve got to love it when a plan comes together, right? We’re not talking about the type of plan that involves dinner and a movie, we’re talking about the type of plan that involves someone with some real mental horsepower and the machinery to pull it off. That type of stuff falls into the scope of the heavy haulage world and if you are a gearhead, it sure is fun to watch these experts pull of feats of strength and preparation that us mere mortals would surely screw up. Case in point is the video below that shows a “pull me/push me” operation moving a massive steam turbine from place to place. The load is being hustled by a pair of burly Peterbilt trucks and when we say hustled, we mean gingerly moved along.

While the trucks provide the motive force for the whole thing, it is the killer “trailer” that is the star of the show here. You will actually see a guy who I think is an operator on the rear of the trailer. The long center section sits atop two sets of “trucks” that not only spread the load and the ground pressure out but also help to make the thing more manageable in situations like this. Imagine how much of a mess this would be if the turbine were on a “traditional” trailer that only allowed the truck to move one end. The coordination between the drivers has to be big here as well. They literally need to be doing about the exact same thing at the exact same time in order to keep things moving smoothly and properly down the road.

The real “wow” moment for us comes when the whole thing is about 95% around the bend and you actually see it’s full length stretched out and how far back traffic was stopped to insure a smooth move through the intersection. Mad skills, yo. Mad skills!

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2 thoughts on “Watch This Massive Heavy Haul Load Make A 90-Degree Right Perfectly

  1. RallyAce

    Having spent a few years in the heavy hauling and rigging business I can attest that the planning on this type of move can take months to plan and inspect the route, get the needed permits (and in this case coordinate with the railroad, not an easy thing to do). What you don’t see is the time to assemble the trailer and load the turbine. There are about 6 or 8 truckloads of parts involved and you need a lot of room on both ends of the trip for loading and unloading. I loved doing that work.

  2. Ian

    I’ve only ever moved stuff upto 10feet wide, on a straight truck, but the work behind the scenes is huge. Permits, road access approvals, police notifications and approvals, checking access conditions and watching the weather forecasts. I’ve done oversize work in both trucks and the escort/pilot cars, driving the truck is the easy bit when you’ve got a good escort crew.

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