The Wheels On The Bus…Yeah, The Wheels On The Bus Fell Off – Rough Ride For Arizona Kids

The Wheels On The Bus…Yeah, The Wheels On The Bus Fell Off – Rough Ride For Arizona Kids

(Photo by Joe Botticelli/USA Today) –¬†Some school kids in Arizona recently had the bumpiest ride ever on the way to school when their bus spit the rear axle out from under it at a traffic light. None of the kids were hurt but it sure seems like there will be some bruised backsides from this thing because you can imagine how the rear kicked up and then smashed to the ground when it cleared the wheels and tires that were formerly supporting it. We have no idea if the driver was practicing hole shot launches or how this baby came free but it much have provided some interesting views to everyone else in traffic. There were 30 kids on the bus at the time and we’re sure several of them will reconsider ever riding in the back seat again.

One thing we have to wonder is whether the bus was “telling” the driver that something was wrong before this happened. If you have ever looked under a cheese wagon like the one in the photo you know that the parts under there are not light duty. Of course the possibilities are pretty long that maybe the thing was in for service a while back and the axle was removed and not reinstalled properly, perhaps there was some sort of defective part that failed, etc. It just seems weird to see it happen to a school bus! Being that this happened in Arizona we can’t see rust as a potential cause.



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13 thoughts on “The Wheels On The Bus…Yeah, The Wheels On The Bus Fell Off – Rough Ride For Arizona Kids

  1. Scott Liggett

    Unless the driver was dumping the clutch at every intersection, I can’t see this happening. One thing is for sure, the repair and inspection on this bus, and probably every one in the fleet, will be getting scrutinized very quickly. In Cali, the CHP inspected our reports and inspections every year.

    1. Patti Ritchie

      Washington State also does yearly and half yearly inspections of all school district fleets.

    2. Bill Mesker

      Doubtful that bus had a stick. I rode on a version of that type of Blue Bird bus and it had an Allison Auto. Most school buses have automatics. There are rare occasions where they do have manuals.

  2. HotRod

    I’m surprised there isn’t more damage to the bus. Of course there is the possibility that there is some under it.
    I wonder if the driver passed the drug test.

  3. amy cook

    Must of not been put together correctly, in order for that to happen where are the leaf springs that aid in rear suspension of the bus ,25 years a school bus driver my guess is this will fall on mechanics responsability or at least in my district it would, with the exception of work on the bus by a outside vendors, sometimes the manufacturer of the bus is responsible, I definitely need more information about this .work orders, general maintenance and vehicle inspection dates pre and post trip as required by state and federal law.?????? This is ganna drive me nuts until (a) I know the answers or (b) I forget I read about this. Hehe, I quess l’ll see !!!

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