Wreckage Video: A Mud Dragster With a Stuck Throttle Launches Onto A Public Road!

Wreckage Video: A Mud Dragster With a Stuck Throttle Launches Onto A Public Road!

Mud drag racing is a fast and pretty violent motorsport. Short wheelbase rails fly over rutted mud pits at high speed with drivers sawing at the steering wheel to keep the slimey side down. In the case of this video, the run went fine, it was the stopping that really sucked. You’ll see the mud machine launch at full bore and then continue in that fashion long after it was supposed to be stopping!

The craziest part? The course these dudes were running down was aimed right at a public road and the only “wall” was a line of hay bales that didn’t so much as put a dent in the head of steam this racer had as he plowed through it with a stuck throttle. You’ll see him get huge air and flop down on said public road. He’s damned lucky there was no traffic coming!

This is like an insane, mini version of National Trail Raceway in Columbus, Ohio, which has a shutdown area runs across a public road. They have a traffic light, gates, and a cop stationed down there, though!


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5 thoughts on “Wreckage Video: A Mud Dragster With a Stuck Throttle Launches Onto A Public Road!

  1. john

    “Lots of safety devises….” Chain link fence, hay bales, ditch, public road and tanks filled with who knows what.

  2. Rob

    Glad to see no one got hurt or worse – just lucky looking at this.

    I wonder who decided that hay bales were a good idea or even running the cars towards a highway was a good idea?

    Then I here the commentator ask over the pa is the Ambulance there – do we have a Ambulance. Then asks who’s driving it ?

    It would be scary to be in that situation – possibly upside down – on fire – hurt- WHO’S driving the Ambo. If it wasn’t serious it would be funny AS.


  3. John

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  4. Tj

    That’s actually my dad in that car. And at many races they use bales as a means to slow down vehicles… And the tanks are filled with water… For washing the trucks. And while I agree the pit facing the highway was a terrible idea…. That town had been having races for over 10 years and never have they had anything like that. My dad has been racing for 20 years and this is the worst of it. So I’d say the safety is pretty high on their list. And as for the ambulance… Being such a small town we only have one. It got called out earlier and normally in that situation the races would be brought to a haunt. However if there’s a vehicle capable of transporting someone and if you have medical personnel… The races can continue. This is all covered in the insurance. Any other statements? Oh and my dad is doing great and is still racing and trying to go faster every year.

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