WTF Video: Please, Please, Please Help Us Figure Out Why This Virtually Submerged Big Rig Is Driving Down A River

WTF Video: Please, Please, Please Help Us Figure Out Why This Virtually Submerged Big Rig Is Driving Down A River

We have posted nearly 11,000 blog items here on BangShift in the five (going on six) years we have been in business and NONE OF THEM has elicited the type of initial response that this video clip did. There has to be an explanation about why you are going to see a big rig, deep in water up to the roof of the cab driving down a river as two women in a boat pass by. This thing isn’t just floating along, it is making a flipping wake around the cab.

We’re lost. Completely, utterly, Amelia Earhart style lost. We’ve spent so much time thinking about this video that blood may shoot from our ears at any moment. BangShifter Dan Madden sent us the clip. Someone out there has to know what in the Sam Hill is happening here but it isn’t us. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? HELP!


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16 thoughts on “WTF Video: Please, Please, Please Help Us Figure Out Why This Virtually Submerged Big Rig Is Driving Down A River

  1. Jack

    I don’t think it is driving, it looks that way because the current is so strong…but what the f… it is doing there i can’t explain…

  2. Greg

    A smart friend of mine suggested : truck is still in the water, and the boat goes against current. Sound of diesel and horn : sound FX.

  3. truckdr1a

    thats easy…because its a lot easier to drive down a river than up silly!
    those currents can be a killer!

    1. Jay

      Well it looks as if it is up north, that being said the river turns into a road when frozen. ‘Ice road truckers’ this one probably fell through!

  4. Mike

    Any diesel under that sort of load would be expelling some sort of visible exhaust. If you look, none can be seen in the video. I vote the truck is motionless.

  5. truckdr1a

    if I had to guess this is a flood victom, truck isnt moving, the current is hitting the front of the cab, and around to the front of the traler. notice there is no tail wake at the rearof the trailer horn im sure its eddited in, my guess is katrina

  6. Daryl

    Truck is parked. Boat is travelling up river. The wake is just the water flowing around the parked truck. Engine noise and horn is sound effects someone added. I couldnt make out a horn on the roof of the cab, so all the more reason to think the horn sound is fake. no way you’d hear it under water. Also, not even a light haze out the exhaust stack. That thing would be churning out coal under that kind of load. Bottom line. FAKE!

    1. GuitarSlinger

      No ! Is not fake my little papluchnik . Is all to very real in fact . Spend time in Rusky western frontier as vell as Siberia during spring melt and you see dis happen on regular basis at specific places on river where vater is not so deep to be drowning big bad ex military Rusky truck as vell as good solid SUV ,

  7. GuitarSlinger

    Ahem . Excuse me a minute while I don my fur hat .. have a splash of Vodka [ or three ] and put my Boris face on before giving my response /explanation

    Da . Das is Rusky truck vat is crossing river as ice flow upstream melts avay so as to get to other side . Is not only commonplace in Russia during Spring Thaw .. but is normal . Dey is doing dis all the time . Sometimes in ex Rusky Military vehicle such as dis . Sometimes in good basic SUV . For video of such madcap behavior please to vatch ” Long Way Around ” as vell as Anthony Bourdain Rusky Episode . But da ! Is normal . In fact . Is necessary for survival on Rusky frontier and Siberia

    All joking aside though … that really is what is going on here . And it is quite normal as well . Believe it or not

  8. mark

    broke through ice crossing-fast moving spring thaw river (come on its not that hard)

  9. john t

    no idea why this is where it is, but it reminds me of a guy in the early 70’s, Hans Tholstrup, who drove a VW beetle across the bottom of the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia – I was a kid at the time, the river was huge (I dunno, 1/4 mile across maybe?) anyhoo, he had a wetsuit on, the vw had huge snorkels on exhaust and intake and it took bloody ages. Half of the city turned out to watch it and as a 10 year old it got real boring real quick. VW disappears into river, everyone sits and watches snorkels at 5 mph for ever, eventually VW drove out on the other side. As an aduIt can appreciate it but must admit it was a bit boring to a 10 year old…

  10. Jamie

    Truck is a Kamaz 44108 or 6450.
    I’d say if any truck could do it then it would be one of them but I reckon it’s just the way the river’s flowing into it rather than it moving. How would the driver even breathe?

  11. Dan

    its not driving, this was on reddit like 3 days ago. sound effects were put in. Case closed.

  12. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    What we don’t see is the brewery up-river which has just voided its entire production of beer in a massive explosion! That isn’t water and that truck driver is lying in the cab drinking it all in!


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