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This 1929 Model A Phaeton is the coolest thing ever

This 1929 Model A Phaeton is the coolest thing ever

Model As in any shape or form are cool, but this thing is just incredible. Owned by a fella named Leonard Ouammen, it was modified in the early 1940s for use in delivering mail to rural Montana. It’s up on eBay now and we’re cashing in the 401k to buy it.

RearAccoring to the extensive listing: “Goodyear 11.25 x 24 pneumatic tractor tires were used on 24 inch tractor tire rims. These tires were introduced in the mid 1930’s and were Goodyear’s first pneumatic farm tractor tires. They had a diamond with a hole in the center for the tread pattern. This distinctive tread design was not self-cleaning when running in mud so these tires were not as popular with some farmers as they might otherwise have been. Goodyear had thousands of various sizes of this type of tire in their warehouses in the late 1930’s and found it hard to find homes for them. They eventually sold them for snow applications such as on  this car or for use on agricultural equipment such as grain combines that were normally only used in dry weather conditions.”


The tires are 70 years old so YIKES, but it’s not like you’re going to be running this thing at Bonneville.

Rumble Seat

The rear axle and wheels are from a Model TT truck in order to get the higher numerical axle ratio to handle the larger diameter tires. The front wheels are made from 21-inch 1928 or 1929 Model A wheels.

Wheel Front

The outer row of spokes was long enough to reach the 24-inch tractor rims. The inner crossed spokes were completely removed and replaced with spokes about three inches longer.

Wheel Rear

The car’s for sale on eBay with two bids that have driven it up to $50,000.  The vintage photo is AWESOME.

Old Photo


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7 thoughts on “This 1929 Model A Phaeton is the coolest thing ever

  1. 38P

    That appears to be a sport coupe, not a phaeton. A Model A phaeton is an open touring car with a conventional back seat, not a rumble seat.

    Still, it’s a bitchin piece.

  2. john

    Dune buggies at Island Beach State Park , NJ at one time (pre-60’s) were all Model A Fords with sand tires. They went everywhere floating over the sand barely leaving a mark. Jeeps and SUV’s caused the park to outlaw them. REAL PROGRESS . My VW “Thing” went everywhere in the sand, all it needed was wider wheels and tires.

  3. Eddie Marion

    It’s a Cabriolet, not a sport coupe. The top folds down like a convertible but the door frames go up around the door glasses. Way cool!!

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