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2015 Dodge Challenger Revealed: More Horsepower, New Interior, Tweaked Exterior, Still Huge, And Two Tons

2015 Dodge Challenger Revealed: More Horsepower, New Interior, Tweaked Exterior, Still Huge, And Two Tons

2015 Dodge Challenger images were released yesterday and they revealed a massaged exterior, revamped interior, more horsepower, and the same tonnage and largess that we have come to know and love from the third runner in the pony car sales ranks. On the outside of the car a dual inlet hood that harks back to a ’71 Challenger and functional shaker are now part of the program if you choose to opt them. New taillights and a more stylized grill that also harks back to the early 1970s round out the exterior changes.

Inside, there is a new interior that looks pretty good in the photos below but it is a Chrysler parts bin job. The shifter, HVAC controls, and upper portion of the dash with the screen and main air vents are identical to those that we experienced inside the pair of Jeeps we have driven in recent months. That’s not to say that they are bad but it is an indication that Chrysler was looking to spend a little as possible to spruce up the Challenger for the first time since its 2007 debut. We’d argue that it is still the neatest looking and most eye-catching of the Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger triumvirate. That may be due in part to the fact that it sells at a third of the volume of the other two models but we do like the way they look going down the road.

Under the hood, things are more exciting as well. The base engine is a 305hp V6 that should scoot the car down the road nicely and make decent mileage for the secretaries and economy conscious buyers looking for an “image” car like the Challenger. The R/T models will get a 375 HP/410 lb-ft making 5.7L Hemi and the big motor is a 6.4L Hemi rated at a blistering 470hp and 470 lb/ft of torque in the 6.4L Scat Pack. The 392 Hemi Scat Pack Shaker model gets kicked up to 485hp and 470 lb/ft. It will be interesting to see where that puts the car in terms of performance up against the Ford and the Chevrolet.

While we may be poking a little good natured fun at the Challenger, we’re glad that it got refreshed and will continue to be sold. The more V8 pony cars the better and we certainly wouldn’t turn one down if Chrysler threw us the keys for a week to shut us up. What do you think? Did Chrysler do just enough? Not enough?

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14 thoughts on “2015 Dodge Challenger Revealed: More Horsepower, New Interior, Tweaked Exterior, Still Huge, And Two Tons

  1. Bryan McTaggart

    Dammit, tree’d. Couple of things:

    1) Scat Pack 392 is now at 485hp/470tq. Power bump.
    2) Still waiting on word on the rumored and spied “Hellcat” Hemi. That’d be the one with a blower that a lot of people are waiting on. And you say there’s no more cool engine names…
    3) If this thing doesn’t calm down in four hours, do I need to go to the doctor?

  2. Tony Sestito

    They made the awesome looking Challenger…well…even more awesome!!! I’d even take a V6 SXT at this point. It looks awesome inside and out, and would make an excellent daily driver. I think it will get better gas mileage than my current daily driver econobox! I need to get my butt in one of these for a test drive.

  3. Matt Cramer

    Looks good – I especially like the twin scoop setup! Hopefully the “Hellcat Hemi” that Bryan mentioned puts in an appearance soon as well – they seem to be doing well enough for the regular models, but need something to compare with the blower option on the Camaro and Mustang as well.

  4. 440 6pac

    Challenger still the best looking of the pony cars. And also the only rerto one of the three.
    The Camaro looks like a Corvette. And who knows what the Mustang looks like. But it sure ain’t retro anymore.
    I read somewhere that the Hellcat is supposed to come out sometime around June of 15. but don’t go quoting me on it.

  5. loren

    Yeah it took seven years to get from a ’70 to a ’71 Challenger this time. Nice, though, better than the earlier (said by a ’71 Challenger owner…). Don’t like any of the new ponycar interiors (remember when it was possible for your date to get at-least her leg over to your side in the front seat? That day seems to be long gone) but the dash-console bit came out real nice. As before, just being able to see out the thing to drive would have me choosing it over a Camaro.

    1. Matt Cramer

      That’s probably a good thing – they could have gone from a ’70 Challenger to a Mitsubishi Sapporo in seven years if they’d followed the original car’s path. 😀

  6. 440 6pac

    My wife just read this and suggested it might be time to replace our 09 Challenger. REPLACE? Not on her life she said. Buy a new one and keep the09.

    1. Rich Hinsley

      I love my 09 R/T, Consumer Reports gave it the best rating of the 08-12 Challengers.

  7. Rich Hinsley

    I live the minor tweeks and 70s styling. I wouldn’t mind a 392 and those taillights in my 09 R/T.

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